Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Threads - Gypsy Skirt

I had extra time today and snapped a few quick pictures on my way out the door today.
I decided it was a simple gypsy skirt day. 

This skirt is actually one of those magic wrap skirts.
You know, the ones that can be worn like a thousand ways.
Yet, I seem to just tie it around my waist, 
since the other styles call for some sort of expert sailor knots,
as well as boobs bigger than 32 A. 

But, I digress...
Outfits, style,

I walked into school today and some of the staff members stopped me on my way and said,
"No wonder you teach art, you have a very artsy atyle."
Which is always a great compliment in my book.

Gypsy Skirt - Crone's Hollow
Blue Cardigan H&M
Beaded Earrings - Forever21

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I received some bad news.
Our new landlord from our new house decided to sell the house.
Which means, we could move in for about a month but then we would just have to find a new place again.

He probably wasn't expecting my reaction. 
Most people don't.

I wouldn't say that I am rude.
But, I do have fire in me, and I get feisty.
When he told me the news, I asked if he was joking.
When I knew he was not, and that he had taken our deposit while knowing that he was going to sell the house, I got a little upset.
 I asked him how he could do this, knowing our story of eviction quite well.
I asked him how he could pressure us into giving him the deposit only to bail on us a day later.
I said, "Do you remember me telling you we were excited for you to be our landlord, since it seems management companies screw people over more... well I guess you do too. Cancel the check." 
Then I hung up. 

And now, 
I've moved on.

It's time to look for another place.
We have no idea when we will be evicted from our current place. 
I have no idea where we will go.
It's a bit of a fun feeling..
But, since I don't yet have my Gypsy Vardo, I can't take off anytime soon.
I'm in need of a little home.

So, the search continues.
And I will remain resilient.
I will remain optimistic.
Clearly the Universe has something even better for me than that basement apartment.
Clearly doors are closing so I can see the right open door.
This is okay.
I am okay.
Things will be okay. 

And I'm not sure what these photos have to do with anything, 
but I took them a while ago and I like them a lot.

I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes 
and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

Doctor Who always does cheer me up. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would probably remember the time I was traveling a lot.
I moved to a different state every couple of months. 
I ran my shops out of the car.
I painted while I could, and made prints while we stopped. 

I loved it. 
Oh my word..
I loved it

Then I moved back home after the divorce.
I missed the traveling.
Where the thought of moving was not a scary one.
And change was always good.

I loved the adventure in driving.
I loved the luxury of not having a lot of things.
Where moving was just packing up a few belongings and the dog and driving to a new location.

I've been in one place long enough.
I'm ready to travel again.
It's been calling me for months.. I can feel it.

When I first started to travel, I thought how wonderful it would be to do it in a gypsy style vardo.
I saved images, and how to articles on my computer.
I looked back at them often. 
It's always been a dream of mine.

This whole "home" thing is nice, 
and maybe I'll want it in the future.
But, right now..
I want something more! 

So, I've decided to make this dream come true. 
Even if I have to do it alone.
(It's rare to find someone willing to live like this I guess!)

Here are some of my inspiration photos pulled from the archives of my computer.
I don't own any of these images.

Don't worry, I'm not taking off any time soon. 
First I must acquire my van or trailer.

But, I really see this happening.
It's been a dream of mine since as long as I could remember.
 I would tell my parents I wanted to travel the country in a bus with solar panels.
I wanted to do art, and paint, and travel in my bus. 
I was like 10 when I said this.

I believe my parents did quite the face palm at this.
They were indeed raising a little hippie. 
They don't know where it came from,
and neither do I.

But, the thing is, it will happen.

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Of School Nerves

I have them. 
Last week was our Summer Break.
I spend the time in my classroom,
hanging posters, organizing, and planning lessons. 

Today is the first day of the new semester. 
I have almost all new students, and I was nervous! 
I felt like it was MY first day at school.

So, I picked out a nice "back to school" outfit, 
and came to face my new classes.


Today we went over art class rules, and how I will grade projects. 
I'm still getting used to the idea of grading art work. 
It feels wrong to score someone's work...
but it's a necessity for school.
So, I'm learning the way that works for me.

I have high hopes for the new semester. 
I told the kids what I expect from them...
and what they could expect from me.

I told them it breaks my poor artist heart when they throw colored pencils.
And it breaks even more when they crumple up their work and throw it away.

I told them, they didn't need to be "good" at art, to be good at art.
And that everyone can draw, and everyone can learn.
I told them we would have weekly drawing exercises.
and that I'm not expecting things to be realistic. 
I told them they will see progress, even if it's not perfect.
I told them I want to help them develop a personal style.

And as the kids were leaving for their next period, 
I overheard one girl say to another, "Wow, I'm actually looking forward to art class!"

So far, 
I'd say it's been a good first day. 

And for the winner of the giveaway! 
Congrats Kandice! 

And, due to the insane week, we don't have a giveaway this week! 
I've got some fun things planned for next week though.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Always Hope

It's Friday. The week is almost over, and I survived.
I didn't just survive, I conquered. 

I was hit with a nasty cold, a migraine and an eviction notice in one day.
And, I made it through.

My cold is almost better.
The migraine has subsided.
And, I now have a new home.
My little angel has been stopping by to visit. 
He always leaves me little feathers to show me I'm on the right path
or to remind me, he is always near. 
The Blue ones represent "I am here, watching over you. This is me. "
The rare White ones represent hope to me.
Traditionally a white feather means courage, and persistence.

It's no coincidence that I would find these feathers the same day. 
The day I was scrambling to find a new apartment.
Stressed over a multitude of things.
Wanting to just give up, crawl in bed and sulk.

But, yesterday we put down a deposit on a new home. 
It's definitely a step down from our current castle. 
But, that's the hand I'm dealt with, and I can still win. 

Let me describe it to you, since I haven't been able to get pictures.

The outside of the house is bright blue.
You walk all the way to the back of the house for my front door.
You open the door, that was put on backwards,
walk down some creaky stairs into a small living room,
with a stone wall. 
You can see a bit of exposed pipes.
And a small door with the original skeleton key doorknob.
From the living room, you enter my huge bedroom.
There is no extra room for my studio, 
but with my expert skills of arranging furniture, 
I can block off an area in the room for a studio.

Also from the living room, you can go into the bathroom
From there you can go into my roommate's huge room.
Or the kitchen.

I'm so glad our bathroom is the hallway. 

Okay, it's an odd little house.
It's got it's quirks.
It's got it's problems.
It's got it's blessings.

And the blessings are what I will choose to focus on.

Like it's pet friendly, with NO pet fees, or pet deposit.
It's got BIG bedrooms, which means, I WILL make a studio.
It's old, and interesting. (Built in 1923)
It's only a block away. 
And best of all, I will be paying almost $150-200 less a month.

The house was the first house we looked at, but we just weren't sure.
It was originally the same as what we are paying now.
We looked at other options, but for some reason, our minds kept going back to that one.
The landlord said, "It's going to go fast, so if you want it, take it now."
I decided to wait. 
I thought, if it's meant to be ours, it will be there tomorrow.

So, the next day I asked.
I got the answer that it was still available.

I choose to wait a little longer. 
I thought about it, I even think I dreamed about it.

The next day the landlord told me it was still available.
I told him, it was just too much of a step down 
for us to be paying the same price that we are living right now.

He offered to take the rent down quite a bit.

The deal was sweetened enough, and we move in on September 1st.
I'll get pictures as soon as possible.

My cold has been lightening up.
Things are improving.

I'm not going to say it was a bad week.
But, it was a week of trials. 

This was also my prep week at school. 
Where I had a whole week with no students.
Just time to get lessons prepared.
Rules posted.
Posters hung.
And supplies purchased.

I couldn't have asked for a better time to have a hard week! 

And next week will be spent packing, and unpacking.
Un-decorating and redecorating.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Heavy boxes and probably broken dishes...

But, you know? 
I made it through THIS week.

Bring on the next one.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting To Know Lauren Luquin

Please give us a brief bio, where you are from, who you are, and how you
started in this field?

Greetings! My name is Lauren Luquin. I am an artist and practitioner of
Metaphysics, and most importantly a mother to 2 amazing Children. My daughter
is 5 1/2 and my son just turned 1. Me, my husband, our children, and our dog live
in San Diego, CA. I was born here, and eventually moved to Long Beach, CA
when I graduated high school at age 17. I lived there for 5 years and completed
my Bachelors degree in Sociology. I then moved to Santa Rosa (an hour north of
San Francisco, CA) to live with my sister, which is when I first started my
business, VisionWise- selling jewelry, making deerskin medicine bags, and doing
tarot card readings. At the time I was not able to make enough money to pay for
rent, so I ended up moving back to San Diego after a year, to live with my
parents. Here is where I met my husband and my life took a major turn as I soon
was married, a new mother, and enrolled back in school and earned a a Masters
of Education in Cross Cultural Teaching and a Teaching Credential.. I was long
 term subbing in the public school system and quickly became drained. I made a
challengingdecision to stop teaching so I could restart my spiritual art business and
stay home with my daughter. Since then I have been pouring my heart and soul into
my artwork, crafts, and family... I also earned a Bachelors in Metaphysics and
became an Ordained Minister. I am currently working on my Masters degree in
Metaphysics with a focus on Spiritual Counseling. In addition to my Etsy shop I
also created an online retreat/eCourse for enhancing self-awareness within
community and nature, called Intuitive Heart Sanctuary. I spend my days with my
children, playing, working in our garden, making things for my shop, writing on
my blog, taking my children to the park or beach, and just taking care of our
home. I also put a lot of time into facilitating my eCourse. I am always busy but
also take time to do yoga and relax in nature daily. I care deeply about people
and all life on this planet.

When did you first discover your creative talents?
I have always enjoyed being creative, and as a young child I was always
dreaming up ideas of things to play outside in the canyon and our big backyard. I
spent most of my time in nature climbing trees, and talking to animals. This
connection to nature inspired me to start drawing and writing before I was in
kindergarten. By the time I was given lots of materials to use in school I was
making up illustrated stories and collecting stickers and other graphics I liked. I
then started getting into photography, collaging, and making jewelry when I was
in 4th grade. After that, I just remember always enjoying art and going through
ups and downs in my confidence with painting, exploring different mediums, etc. I
have always kept a journal, and have diaries since I first learned to write. Looking
back I realize that I was given a lot of opportunities to express myself and explore
my depths. I still have a very active inner child that inspires me endlessly.

What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

I have a lot of creative energy and ideas. I am constantly inspired by the
experiences I have had on my path, and I feel a responsibility to shine my light in
this world. I am not sure why I care so much about everything, I just truly feel a
strong connection to other beings, and the spirit realm as well... I have not had
an easy life, but I feel like my circumstances have been very fortunate
comparatively, and I want to use my abilities and gifts to help improve the lives of
others, including the overall well-being of this planet. I do this by always
connecting with myself and continuing to open up to the Universe by centering
myself and staying open to intuitive guidance. Being a mother is also a major
motivation in life- to be the best that I can be. It’s amazing how becoming a
mother changed my perspective on life. I love learning and growing... Even on
the days when things feel like they’re falling apart, I am always grateful to be
alive. I give thanks every day and living in gratitude like this keeps me motivated
and content through life’s ups and downs.

How would you describe your style?

Overall I have always been very earthy, spiritual, and rootsy. Living where I have
in Southern California has definitely affected my style as well. The urban culture
and it’s diversity is a constant source of inspiration, as are my dreams and
connections to nature. My family is multicultural, and I resonate with lots of
different cultural aspects from our family, community, the music we listen to,
friends, and art, etc. It’s difficult for me to say what my style’s like because I don’t
really ‘think’ in those terms much, but it’s been described as soulful, healing,
mystical, and colorful. I put lots of love into everything I do.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
observant, intuitive, empathic, spiritual, sensitive

Share with us something funny that has happened to you recently.
Last week my son was teething and had fevers that were on and off every day, so it was rough.
He was in a lot of pain and everyone knows how draining fevers can be... Well the day the fevers stopped he immediately bounced back to his 'normal' self again, but with even more energy and joy.
It's like he felt so glad to be feeling better. He was being sooo funny! He figured out how to get his diaper off
and he kept pulling the tabs and making it fall off, and then he'd run around the house laughing and smiling
so big with his toothy grin. It went on and on, and he did it the next day too. It's like he's trying to be
funny on purpose, and he's just the most innocent and sweetest little guy. It was equally adorable as it was hilarious.

Anything else you would like to add? Favorite quote? Words of advice?

I’d like to add that I am appreciative of the opportunity to connect here on this
blog... Thank you Rachael, and thank you everyone else who’s reading this. I am
grateful to connect with like minded souls... If you want to know more about me
you can go here.

“And while I stood there, I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I
saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit and
the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.” - Black Elk

Give thanks! Smile... Relax. ONE LOVE

 Check out her links.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Back!

I am welcoming some paintings back into my shop! 
They were taken down while they were in Georgia for the show at the Defoor Centre.  
I just got some  back, so I decided to list them in the shop again. 
I've decreased the prices quite a bit in honor of the fact that I have to move soon,
and anything that sells will help with the terrible deposits and fees.
So, help spread the word about the sale perhaps?
My original paintings are about 30% off their normal price,
 and you can grab another 10% off using the code italk2trees.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beyond Exhausted

I am beyond exhausted...

Two days ago, I woke up with the worst cold. 
My throat felt like it was missing. 
I don't even know how that makes sense.
But, it hurt. 
I was refusing to talk, I picked up my roommate's sign language books to try to communicate.
I was texting people right next to me. 
I wasn't having a good time.

I took the day off to sleep and snuggle with my pup.

Yesterday, I woke up with the worst migraine on top of the cold.
Some candies I had eaten were made with wheat flower.. 
I found this out a bit too late, and my gluten induced migraine came full force.

At this point, walking was out of the question. 
Lifting my head would bring in dizzy spells and even blindness. 
I couldn't decide if throwing up was a good idea or not. 
I closed the blinds and slept most of the day away. 

I finally felt better to get some fresh air.

My roommate and I slowly walked to a near by store. 
While at the store, I received a call from our landlord.

The news I received on the phone made my heart drop so fast I had to lean against a shelf.
My roommate mouthed, "What?!"
I mouthed back, 

"We have to move."

I tried to regain my balance and a clear head, 
but the migraine and the cold were making things difficult.

Apparently, my house was leased to the city for only 3 years as a "singles" unit. 
The owner didn't let the management company know this, and yesterday was the last day.
Giving us very little options.
And very short notice.

I tried to fight it, we signed a year lease, 
we should be legally able to live in our beloved house for a year.
But, the management company said there was nothing they could do.
Though we signed a year contract,
the city is able to override that.

Since then,
 I've changed my attitude and I'm starting a search for pet friendly housing.
We don't know how long until the city evicts us.

But, I have faith we will find something.

We may not see it now,
but the universe is moving us right where we need to go.

So, I'm going to search for a new home with hope and faith.
And continue to take care of myself in this stressful time.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon and honey tea for your throat!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Intuitive Heart Sanctuary And A Giveaway!

Greetings good people!

My name is Lauren Luquin. Iʼm so grateful to be here to share my works and open my
heart to you all. I am offering, an invitation to ride the currents with me... Vibes high,
energized, nurtured, aligned, stimulated, blessed, warmed by the light of connection
with other sisters.

I've created an online sanctuary for women to gather as we journey inward, nourishing
our spiritual roots. We will integrate concepts from various nature-based and
philosophical perspectives, within the context of a Metaphysical paradigm, and bridge
our understandings of Self with that of our Family, Local and World Communities.

Intuitive Heart Sanctuary is an online retreat for enhancing Self-Awareness within
Community and Nature... This is an eCourse and Social Gathering all-in-one!

The Intuitive Heart Sanctuary is designed to nurture and awaken your spirit with
teachings and prompts that guide you into heightened awareness and deep
appreciation of all that surrounds you, including signs and symbols in nature and all the
beings and events that show up on your life's path.

Itʼs a venue to witness what shows up as the flame brightens between us... Featuring
weekly videos, spoken word poetry podcasts, a photo gallery, engaging activities, forum
discussions, complimentary and inspirational music, and lots of resources to support
you as you raise your consciousness and awaken to possibility.

This space is private and password protected, and once you register you are able to set
up a personal profile within the group so we all get to know each other better. Everyone
is encouraged to share thoughts and photos, and highlight their own offerings and
services to the group in subtle ways that make it a sustainable network for branching
out and supporting one another.

The Intuitive Heart Sanctuary will open itʼs virtual doors on
September 10 - November 4, 2012 for Fall Session.

IHS is an 8 week course that costs $88. (The website will remain open for 2 extra weeks
after the end date, to give everyone time to catch up if needed.)

Get the details and read more about my intention for this offering here at,



The winner will be invited to join the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary for free!
Here is how to enter:

1. Follow this blog,
And leave me a comment letting me know.

2.  Follow her blog
and let me know you did that

3. Like her facebook page
And leave me a  comment saying you did so.

4.  Follow Lauren Luquin on twitter! 
And come back here, and let me know you did.

5. Tweet OR facebook this giveaway! 
Be sure to mention @LaurenLuquin and me @talk2thetrees in the tweet!
(Example:  I just entered giveaway for Intuitive Heart Sanctuary @LaurenLuquin via @talk2thetrees! )
Go ahead and copy and paste it too! 

You can do just one, or all four.
There are 5 ways to enter this one, so be sure to leave 4 separate comments.
The giveaway winner will be announced next Monday. (August 27th)
So you've got one week!

 Check out her links.



Lauren Luquin is an Artist and Ordained Minister/Practitioner of Metaphysics living in
Southern, CA with her husband, 2 children, and their dog. They enjoy unschooling,
urban-farming, and natural living. She shares her poetry, stories, and art on her blog at You can also connect with her through her Etsy shop
VisionWise, Facebook,Twitter, and Vimeo. Join Intuitive Heart Sanctuary for Fall Session at .

And now for the winner of last weeks giveaway! 
Congrats Kerri!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend

Who ever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend was terribly wrong. 
A girl's real best friend is her dog. 
There is no love like the love that comes from a dog. 

My Wicket is an amazing dog. 
He is so smart and intuitive. 
Sure he's got his goofy moments. 
Like the time I dropped a bag of fruit snacks and he hit the floor out of fear. 
Or how he is afraid to drink from his water bowl.

He is such a sweetie. 
This morning I woke up with him in my arms.
He was laying on his back using my arm for a pillow.
I smiled as he looked at me, and he scooted closer for some good morning kisses.
I took extra time to snuggle with him this morning.
It caused me to be a tad bit late, but it was worth it.

I snuggled in bed and let him know I loved him.
Whether he can understand my words or not, he understood the moment.

I kissed him and let him know I love him.
I'm thankful for him. 
I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone in the world. 
He is just what I need in my life right now. 
I told him I don't consider him a pet.
I consider him my baby and my friend.

There are some nights a week I reserve for me and him. 
I don't have anyone come over, and I don't leave. 
I stay in the living room and I just hang out with my pup. 
We watch movies together. 
We eat popcorn together.
We talk and play.

Because that's what friends do.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Threads - Stripes

Another Outfit post from my phone..
I swear, one day I'll have time to venture out with a tripod. 
But until then, this is what's happening. 

This is a typical teacher outfit. 
Dark Jeans.
Nice shirt.
And of course some fun shoes.

I'll save myself the effort, and say this is a forever 21 outfit from last year.
The shoes were thrift store I believe. 
Go cheap!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Losing My Mind

I am. 
I am losing my mind a bit. 
And by my mind, I mean my sense of "home."
My sense of peace.

My mind is lost somewhere inside my head.
My thoughts are cluttered along with thoughts of money, my students, orders, love, art, 
and everything else you could imagine. 
It's like a filing cabinet has been dumped over my head..
and my thoughts are scattered around me.. 
getting crumpled up and stepped on. 

I've been so stressed lately.
Working so much.. 
My mind is so busy and boggled right now, I barely know what to type. 
I don't like it.
So, I'm going to change it.

I took a walk today on my lunch break.
I practiced slowing my mind down.
I practiced breathing, and slowing down my thoughts. 
My poor mind. 
It's been stressed and cloudy.
It's taking a toll on my body. 

I haven't been sleeping well.
I haven't been waking up well.
I have been having migraines.
Migraines to the point of loosing vision in one eye, and throwing up.

So, starting now..
I am practicing peace.
I am slowing down.
I will over come this. 

I will request more time alone. 
And I will use my alone time for organizing my thoughts.
For drawing and writing. 
For finding my mind again.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Giveaway With Shabby Apple!

Happy  Monday!  
It's been a very long time since we've had a giveaway here on the blog. 
And this one is  fabulous! 

 is here today offering one lucky reader of Talk2thetrees 
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Shabby Apple has beautiful classic and vintage inspired dresses and clothing. 
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Up

 Last week was a bad week. 
Everything seemed to go wrong.
My AC in my house broke, and after 3 visits from maintenance it is finally working again. 
My car has been acting funny too, in fact something fell out of the engine while I was driving.
I've been sick, and so so tired. 
Working these jobs, pulling 12 hour (sometimes longer) days, then coming home and working on orders..
It's wearing me out a bit... 
but I know it's also making me tougher. 
It's getting me closer to what I want to accomplish. 
And, like these bad times, it's temporary.
 I know I've talked about balance here..
but I needed that reminder. 
Everything balances out.
Bad times never last. 

In fact, as of yesterday things started to look up.
I walked home into a cooler house and my mood instantly lifted.
Then I just received some good news regarding my school.
I get to teach an extra class. 
I'm beyond excited. 

I wish I could share more stories with you all. 
But because of the nature of my school, I have to be very non specific.
But I will tell you I broke up a fight yesterday.. where I forced myself between two people.
I snatched a soccer ball from someone's head  (they wearing it like a mask) as they was trying to poke holes for the eyes. While it was on their head. 
I get to confiscate all sorts of inappropriate drawings.
But I also receive sweet drawings and cards from some students.
And a few days ago I was told I was the type of person you would want to talk to in a basement jazz club from the 20's while it was raining outside. I've never been more flattered.

I love these kids.
I feel like I'm in the right place. 
And I haven't felt like that in a long long time.  

I'm not the only tired one..
Poor Wicket sleeps and wakes up when I do. 
And he is like me.. not an early bird.
So, the days I wake up at 6 I sneak out, shower and come back to that picture. 
I am in need of an adventure.
That is what tomorrow is for. 
I'll bring my real camera too. 
Oh, and I'm so sick of the spam comments on my blog. 
I'm putting up the spam blocker.
I would switch to a comment hosting site, 
but I don't want to loose all my other comments. 
Anyone know of anything?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Threads - Days On And Off

I love my job teaching art. 
 I love that I get to do what I love, and share it with others.
I feel extremely bless and lucky. 
I especially love that I get to dress like a teacher.

It actually isn't that hard. 
I normally always where dresses, skirts or nice pants.
And I normally will pair a shirt with a cardigan for a bit of extra class. 

In my experience, clothes make the woman. (Or man.)
Now, this is the way I see it, and it's just my theory.. 
But, it's worked well so far.

If I were to dress the way I do on the weekends I just wouldn't be taken seriously as an educator.
But, if I were to dress strictly teacher, I wouldn't be taken seriously as an artist.
Luckily my natural style is a good balance of both.
I'm able to meet in the middle.
I'm able to stay up with the current trends. (Well the ones I like)
As well as look professional enough to teach. 

Looking professional and important is the key to any job.
If you want people to listen to you get noticed in a good way.

A Few Quick Tips:

Wear nice shoes. Not just nice sneakers, but shoes that make the glorious "click clack" of a professional lady. Something about walking around the classroom with "click clacks" make students pay attention.

Put a cardigan on. Cardigans almost instantly add class. 
What class will listen to a teacher? A teacher with class.
Oh. I'm so funny! 
But really. Teal is very in this season.. and I have a very bright teal shirt. 
To tone it down for class time, I wear a navy cardigan over it. 
This keeps me up with the current trends, while still looking a step more professional then the students who wear the same trends. 

Put on a blazer.
Blazers are awesome. An itty bitty bit of shoulder pads and nicely fitted.
But, of course don't wear a blazer with a pencil skirt all the time. 
Tone it down a bit by wearing it with some dark jeans.

If nothing else,
hold a clip board and a red pen.
Instant importance indicator. 

What I wear teaching.
This is the teal/navy combo. 
I also wore my nice loafers. 
I keep my make up toned down too.
This look keeps an artsy look, but with a bit of professionalism. 
Teal Shirt- Cozy
Navy Cardigan- Cozy
Black Jeans- Foever 21

This is my weekend look.
What I wore to the Farmer's Market.
I wore a very baggy sea through shirt with some turquoise pants. 
I had bright blue eye liner and my hair resembled The Tenth Doctor's. 
Not something I would feel comfortable teaching in.
White Cut-out shirt - Cottonon
Turquoise pants - Forever 21

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Scenic Route

This Saturday a friend of mine and I went to the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake. 
Salt Lake City is about 20-30 minutes from me and the Farmer's Market was a lot of fun.
We bought fresh vegetables and flowers.
I even lost my phone in the porta potty.
I have incredible luck with this phone though.
It's been through a lot, but we are always reunited.
I'm glad I was able to find it because I forgot my regular camera,
and on the way home, we took the scenic route. 
We drove through the canyons instead of the  freeway.
We went through towns and stopped at the pretty trees.
We drove through neighborhoods and dirt roads.
My heart loved it.
I love all things pretty.
But, who doesn't?
Here are some pictures I snapped with my phone.
I uploaded them on instagram too.
If you aren't following me, you should.
Because I post a lot. You won't be bored. (Wink Wink) 
The name on Instagram is Treetalker. 

Random Staircase in the forest
Heavenly Aspen Forest
The Dust Looks Like Ghosts
My White Dahlia
My Pretty New Friend
Sunlight In The Branches
My Big Pretty New Friend
And of course a photo of Wicket.
Brought to you by the letter "S"