Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Threads - Days On And Off

I love my job teaching art. 
 I love that I get to do what I love, and share it with others.
I feel extremely bless and lucky. 
I especially love that I get to dress like a teacher.

It actually isn't that hard. 
I normally always where dresses, skirts or nice pants.
And I normally will pair a shirt with a cardigan for a bit of extra class. 

In my experience, clothes make the woman. (Or man.)
Now, this is the way I see it, and it's just my theory.. 
But, it's worked well so far.

If I were to dress the way I do on the weekends I just wouldn't be taken seriously as an educator.
But, if I were to dress strictly teacher, I wouldn't be taken seriously as an artist.
Luckily my natural style is a good balance of both.
I'm able to meet in the middle.
I'm able to stay up with the current trends. (Well the ones I like)
As well as look professional enough to teach. 

Looking professional and important is the key to any job.
If you want people to listen to you get noticed in a good way.

A Few Quick Tips:

Wear nice shoes. Not just nice sneakers, but shoes that make the glorious "click clack" of a professional lady. Something about walking around the classroom with "click clacks" make students pay attention.

Put a cardigan on. Cardigans almost instantly add class. 
What class will listen to a teacher? A teacher with class.
Oh. I'm so funny! 
But really. Teal is very in this season.. and I have a very bright teal shirt. 
To tone it down for class time, I wear a navy cardigan over it. 
This keeps me up with the current trends, while still looking a step more professional then the students who wear the same trends. 

Put on a blazer.
Blazers are awesome. An itty bitty bit of shoulder pads and nicely fitted.
But, of course don't wear a blazer with a pencil skirt all the time. 
Tone it down a bit by wearing it with some dark jeans.

If nothing else,
hold a clip board and a red pen.
Instant importance indicator. 

What I wear teaching.
This is the teal/navy combo. 
I also wore my nice loafers. 
I keep my make up toned down too.
This look keeps an artsy look, but with a bit of professionalism. 
Teal Shirt- Cozy
Navy Cardigan- Cozy
Black Jeans- Foever 21

This is my weekend look.
What I wore to the Farmer's Market.
I wore a very baggy sea through shirt with some turquoise pants. 
I had bright blue eye liner and my hair resembled The Tenth Doctor's. 
Not something I would feel comfortable teaching in.
White Cut-out shirt - Cottonon
Turquoise pants - Forever 21


  1. gorgeous outfit!!! is it considering cheating if i stick the flat end of a thumbtack to my flats to make a click-clack sound when i walk? is that feigned importance, or importance by design?

    1. Haha I would be more concerned about you falling on your face from the thumbtack!

  2. I love your teacher look. VERY classy!

  3. I love your style and your outfits! So awesome!


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