Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Up

 Last week was a bad week. 
Everything seemed to go wrong.
My AC in my house broke, and after 3 visits from maintenance it is finally working again. 
My car has been acting funny too, in fact something fell out of the engine while I was driving.
I've been sick, and so so tired. 
Working these jobs, pulling 12 hour (sometimes longer) days, then coming home and working on orders..
It's wearing me out a bit... 
but I know it's also making me tougher. 
It's getting me closer to what I want to accomplish. 
And, like these bad times, it's temporary.
 I know I've talked about balance here..
but I needed that reminder. 
Everything balances out.
Bad times never last. 

In fact, as of yesterday things started to look up.
I walked home into a cooler house and my mood instantly lifted.
Then I just received some good news regarding my school.
I get to teach an extra class. 
I'm beyond excited. 

I wish I could share more stories with you all. 
But because of the nature of my school, I have to be very non specific.
But I will tell you I broke up a fight yesterday.. where I forced myself between two people.
I snatched a soccer ball from someone's head  (they wearing it like a mask) as they was trying to poke holes for the eyes. While it was on their head. 
I get to confiscate all sorts of inappropriate drawings.
But I also receive sweet drawings and cards from some students.
And a few days ago I was told I was the type of person you would want to talk to in a basement jazz club from the 20's while it was raining outside. I've never been more flattered.

I love these kids.
I feel like I'm in the right place. 
And I haven't felt like that in a long long time.  

I'm not the only tired one..
Poor Wicket sleeps and wakes up when I do. 
And he is like me.. not an early bird.
So, the days I wake up at 6 I sneak out, shower and come back to that picture. 
I am in need of an adventure.
That is what tomorrow is for. 
I'll bring my real camera too. 
Oh, and I'm so sick of the spam comments on my blog. 
I'm putting up the spam blocker.
I would switch to a comment hosting site, 
but I don't want to loose all my other comments. 
Anyone know of anything?


  1. I taught art for 20+ years and loved every second of it. I truly found my self during that period. This will be my first year not going "back to school" and it is confusing. I've decided to find myself again and learn some new things about myself. Good luck on your new beginning. Beginning's are the best!

  2. Spam comments are bad. I don't know about blogspot, but I installed a spam blocker ad on my wordpress blog a couple of months ago, and it's great now!
    I totally know how you feel about your work. I used to work in the same kind of school, and it has something that just gets to you, even though it can be really tough...
    you're talking about what you want to accomplish... what are your goals atm? care to share? it always inspires me to hear other people's goals and how they work to reach them!

    much love

  3. Dammit. I miss you already! I missed all the craziness!

  4. I'm so glad you've found a job you love! What's the other job you're doing aside from teaching? Remember to have you time, and to look after yourself. Don't burn out. We are human beings, not human doings. So take time to just be. <3 I'm glad things are looking up for you; you only deserve happiness and the best of everything - you're one of the nicest, most genuine people I know. x

  5. having such a busy life, responsibilities, stress....and still managing to maintain a lovely inspire me!!!!

    i'm always scared to take on so much at one time..what if it changes me? maybe i should take that risk!

  6. Sorry, don't mean anything bad by pointing this's just one of my pet-peeve word misspellings- the word you want is "lose" not "loose" (which has a different meaning- like too big). I love your page though & so glad I found it!! Can't wait to look through it all!
    : ) Joy

    1. No need to apologize, it's an understandable pet peeve.. and I sometimes mix words up. Especially when I'm stressed. :)


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