Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I received some bad news.
Our new landlord from our new house decided to sell the house.
Which means, we could move in for about a month but then we would just have to find a new place again.

He probably wasn't expecting my reaction. 
Most people don't.

I wouldn't say that I am rude.
But, I do have fire in me, and I get feisty.
When he told me the news, I asked if he was joking.
When I knew he was not, and that he had taken our deposit while knowing that he was going to sell the house, I got a little upset.
 I asked him how he could do this, knowing our story of eviction quite well.
I asked him how he could pressure us into giving him the deposit only to bail on us a day later.
I said, "Do you remember me telling you we were excited for you to be our landlord, since it seems management companies screw people over more... well I guess you do too. Cancel the check." 
Then I hung up. 

And now, 
I've moved on.

It's time to look for another place.
We have no idea when we will be evicted from our current place. 
I have no idea where we will go.
It's a bit of a fun feeling..
But, since I don't yet have my Gypsy Vardo, I can't take off anytime soon.
I'm in need of a little home.

So, the search continues.
And I will remain resilient.
I will remain optimistic.
Clearly the Universe has something even better for me than that basement apartment.
Clearly doors are closing so I can see the right open door.
This is okay.
I am okay.
Things will be okay. 

And I'm not sure what these photos have to do with anything, 
but I took them a while ago and I like them a lot.

I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes 
and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

Doctor Who always does cheer me up. 


  1. Timelords are awesome!
    Landlords can suck!

  2. I just found out our apt. complex also goes up for sale next week (again). I'm tired of being the pawn in the investors chess games. I don't blame you for getting angry. I don't like having strangers walk through my apt. It's not set up for visitors. It's set up for making craft projects. It will never be neat and tidy or look like a home. I resent the intrusion and disruption of my work. I see this happening to lot of artists unfortunately.

    My daughter also got a rent increase. She's lived in her apt. for 2 years and the rent has gone up $400. She just found a preschool for her son, but if they move, that will fall through.

    Hugs to all the renters out there.

  3. Oh no! :( They've really given you the runaround... not fair. Hang tight - I'm sure something good is around the corner... it has to be! :)


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