Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Threads - Gypsy Skirt

I had extra time today and snapped a few quick pictures on my way out the door today.
I decided it was a simple gypsy skirt day. 

This skirt is actually one of those magic wrap skirts.
You know, the ones that can be worn like a thousand ways.
Yet, I seem to just tie it around my waist, 
since the other styles call for some sort of expert sailor knots,
as well as boobs bigger than 32 A. 

But, I digress...
Outfits, style,

I walked into school today and some of the staff members stopped me on my way and said,
"No wonder you teach art, you have a very artsy atyle."
Which is always a great compliment in my book.

Gypsy Skirt - Crone's Hollow
Blue Cardigan H&M
Beaded Earrings - Forever21


  1. I love your outfit! I've been obsessed with longer skirts and boots lately. How do you like the magic wrap skirt? I've been thinking about getting one, but I'm afraid that one poof of wind will render me skirtless.

    1. I've got 3 or 4 of these! I love them. They are so fun.. Some of the styles are hard to tie, and they need to be adjusted often, but I like them a lot!

  2. can you teach me to wear that kind of skirt? hehe!
    look amazing! you're gorgeous! :D

  3. I love those types of skirts! I've got a similar knock-off type shorter one my hubs got me in California at a street festival a few years back. I love it, even if I'm constantly re-tying it!

  4. don't u love those compliments!!!! you look very cute! love that skirt!


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