Friday, August 24, 2012

Always Hope

It's Friday. The week is almost over, and I survived.
I didn't just survive, I conquered. 

I was hit with a nasty cold, a migraine and an eviction notice in one day.
And, I made it through.

My cold is almost better.
The migraine has subsided.
And, I now have a new home.
My little angel has been stopping by to visit. 
He always leaves me little feathers to show me I'm on the right path
or to remind me, he is always near. 
The Blue ones represent "I am here, watching over you. This is me. "
The rare White ones represent hope to me.
Traditionally a white feather means courage, and persistence.

It's no coincidence that I would find these feathers the same day. 
The day I was scrambling to find a new apartment.
Stressed over a multitude of things.
Wanting to just give up, crawl in bed and sulk.

But, yesterday we put down a deposit on a new home. 
It's definitely a step down from our current castle. 
But, that's the hand I'm dealt with, and I can still win. 

Let me describe it to you, since I haven't been able to get pictures.

The outside of the house is bright blue.
You walk all the way to the back of the house for my front door.
You open the door, that was put on backwards,
walk down some creaky stairs into a small living room,
with a stone wall. 
You can see a bit of exposed pipes.
And a small door with the original skeleton key doorknob.
From the living room, you enter my huge bedroom.
There is no extra room for my studio, 
but with my expert skills of arranging furniture, 
I can block off an area in the room for a studio.

Also from the living room, you can go into the bathroom
From there you can go into my roommate's huge room.
Or the kitchen.

I'm so glad our bathroom is the hallway. 

Okay, it's an odd little house.
It's got it's quirks.
It's got it's problems.
It's got it's blessings.

And the blessings are what I will choose to focus on.

Like it's pet friendly, with NO pet fees, or pet deposit.
It's got BIG bedrooms, which means, I WILL make a studio.
It's old, and interesting. (Built in 1923)
It's only a block away. 
And best of all, I will be paying almost $150-200 less a month.

The house was the first house we looked at, but we just weren't sure.
It was originally the same as what we are paying now.
We looked at other options, but for some reason, our minds kept going back to that one.
The landlord said, "It's going to go fast, so if you want it, take it now."
I decided to wait. 
I thought, if it's meant to be ours, it will be there tomorrow.

So, the next day I asked.
I got the answer that it was still available.

I choose to wait a little longer. 
I thought about it, I even think I dreamed about it.

The next day the landlord told me it was still available.
I told him, it was just too much of a step down 
for us to be paying the same price that we are living right now.

He offered to take the rent down quite a bit.

The deal was sweetened enough, and we move in on September 1st.
I'll get pictures as soon as possible.

My cold has been lightening up.
Things are improving.

I'm not going to say it was a bad week.
But, it was a week of trials. 

This was also my prep week at school. 
Where I had a whole week with no students.
Just time to get lessons prepared.
Rules posted.
Posters hung.
And supplies purchased.

I couldn't have asked for a better time to have a hard week! 

And next week will be spent packing, and unpacking.
Un-decorating and redecorating.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Heavy boxes and probably broken dishes...

But, you know? 
I made it through THIS week.

Bring on the next one.


  1. I hope things turn around for you soon! It's refreshing to have someone stay positive during hard trials life throws our way.

  2. "I couldn't have asked for a better time to have a hard week!"

    I'm printing this and hanging it over my desk!!

  3. glad you found a new place so quickly! looking forward to seeing how you make this new space your own... :)

  4. I love your attitude! I also hope that things improve quickly.

    1. Opps. Accidentally used google acct. This is the correct one. *rollseyes*

  5. Sometimes it takes getting through the toughest and challenging of times to move onward towards the things best to come! Sounds like a really great house, each house has it workings and quirks to them (Goddess knows, ours does, it still looks like we just moved in and it's been about two years since we moved back to my childhood Home, LOL!).

    Get some YOU time in and be sure to get lots of rest, for tomorrow's another day:)

    xo Indigenous Shamanic Winds, aka., Shami


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