Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Must Be Part 2

It's time to take off our shoes,
Time to enjoy the sun,
Forget about the thorns...
Through the woods we shall run. 
 I know you think I'm silly,
You always tell me so,
It's just that I'm a dreamer...
And I want you to follow.
 I wandered on ahead,
 And left you far behind,
You know I didn't mean to...

Six new headbands added to the shop.


  1. awww sweeet (^_^) it's like a picture story book! the photos are so atmospheric & the new headbands look beautiful :o)

    Chloe x

  2. You guys look so beautiful together!
    And those headbands are so cute :)
    It's all so fairy taleish.
    Love it!

    A big hug,

  3. so precious, love this. the two of you are adorable together!!!

  4. watch out for ticks and fleas!
    ugh, that's one downside to the forest.

  5. too adorable! i wish it was that green and lucious here already though.

    i chose you as someone to pass on the kreativ blogging award to! if you've gotten it before or you choose not to, it's completely ok! either way i will still read your blog and think it's awesome :)

    the icon is over here on my post and you just copy it, pick seven more deserving blogs to pass it to, and then share seven unknown things about yourself which is kind of fun.

  6. you guys are sooooooo adorable!!! the pictures are definitely an essence of a dreamlike romance!!!

    and i love your headbands :)

  7. such lovely work!!! (and photography) I definitely must slot you in KiireyBlog feature artist one of those day.


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