Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spirits, Angels and Skulls.. Oh My!

Yesterday started out as a typical work day. I was trying to finish this card before Halloween festivities began. This is The Blood Moon card from the Spirit De La Lune deck. It is a spooky, darker themed card and I LOVE it. At first I didn't. I showed a progress shot to Marissa  and she didn't like it either. Neither of us were "feeling" the original card. After working on it, and sending more and more progress shots, and discussing things, trying new things we felt right with this card. I worked on this card for about 12 hours and by the end, I was exhausted, but I'm totally in love. I loved Marissa's honesty and input. Collaborations need honesty, and I'm thankful that was provided here, because this final draft is so much better than the first. I knew there was something missing, and together we figured it out. I can't wait until this deck is done and in print. It's going to be beautiful.

After "work"Sterling and I dressed up as Witch Doctors, with a New Orleans feel. I channeled a past life a bit last in this costume. I even carried a gris gris bag, a poppet, and some cards!  I have very distinct memories of some of my past lives from the south. One is from the Civil War era where I first learned how to read Tarot Cards and other forms of divination and another life is from the 20s and 30s in New Orleans. I worked as a medicine woman in a small shop, and helped heal, bless, and make magick. I have more uncovering to do with these past lives, but I figured a good way to start would be dressing up as what I felt it would be like... though I don't think I wore a glow in the dark corset back then.

We spent the evening with Jenica and Jacob. Jenica went as an Earth Goddess, she wore parts of my fairy costume from a few years ago.. She looked so perfect in the dress, and it fit her so well! Jacob went as Ebola, but I some how don't have any pictures of him. He wore a black morph suit with glow sticks of the Ebola virus. 

We started the night out cooking dinner together. I love to cook, and I love to cook for and with other people. Even if my table only sits two and we squish together to try to eat, it's still fun. Later we went downtown for some drinks, but felt the crowds were a little much so we went to a little party where we danced, chatted, drank and had fun. I danced again. Never in my life have I had so many opportunities to dance. I'm not a fan of dancing. I don't enjoy it.. I feel terribly awkward. But yesterday, I danced with Sterling. Cause I figure, I would rather dance awkwardly than sit alone. 

Before we left I created an altar for Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos. This time of year, the veil between worlds is the thinnest, and I like to honor loved ones who have passed on. I also love to invite loved ones to visit for a few days in spirit. Yesterday we called on Jenica and Sterling's sister to come party with us. She was a baby when she passed away. Sterling never got to meet her on the Earthly plane, and I'm not sure how much memory Jenica has with her either. Though both of them recognize her spirit with them often. Yesterday Jenica and Sterling wanted a picture together, try as I might I couldn't get a picture without a light flair! I took about 5 pictures in a row, and there was always a light right between them. Jenica and Sterling aren't too clear, but it's clear their sister wanted to make an appearance! 

Today I woke up with a prompting to go to Dancing Cranes in search of a new deck. I have met a new Angel of mine recently and she's been telling me all sorts of things while I start to fall asleep, or wake up, and today she showed me images of a new deck. I've been wanting The Ascended Masters deck for quite some time now. Not to read with, but to learn with. (Though I'm sure I'll be doing readings with it soon.)  So after this morning's prompting I decided to go look for it. I even made Sterling Late for work! We went to Dancing Crane and had breakfast in the cafe together.. and then I was drawn to exactly where the deck was. 
This deck works with messages from The Ascended Masters. It's a deck that combines Mother Mary, Isis, Merlin, Jesus and so many more. I feel it's incredibly fitting for All Saints Day. 

This is my favorite time of year. Halloween, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, All Saints Day... They all have so much in common. A time to honor the darkness of death, and the lightness of life! Bringing the two of them together for a time of celebration, reconnection, and even rebirth. 

And today I woke up with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this life I'm living. Even though the path has been hard, and I've dealt with loss, death, depression, and hardships.. I'm thankful for my ability to feel those things so deeply, because when you allow yourself to feel that spectrum of pain, you open yourself up to a whole new spectrum of happiness, and you feel all the positive feelings through and through. And I think that is worth it. 

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