Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Daily Ritual

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been so busy, and a good kind of busy. Which I will explain later.. While I still work from home, I have less time to just sit. And being busy keeps me from posting photographs or doing meaningful posts.. but I feel the prompting to get words out more. I've been journaling lately in a little leather bound journal. It sits in my spot near the window that overlooks the city... A spot that has become so dear to me and my daily ritual.

But I know that I should also post on the blog. I've keep this blog going for so long, and I love having the ability to write and share. Which has brought in a new opportunity for me.

On Mondays I teach at Sacred City . At 7:00 pm.  I teach the Lunar Rhythms class and a Card reading class right after. In Lunar Rhythms we go over the Lunar Forecast where I explain where the moon will be this week and how it will affect us. Then we do a ritual on the moon phase we are at. It's been a lot of fun. Yesterday in class someone asked me if I could email them the Lunar Forecast for the week. I had already been thinking of posting it on Talk2thetrees, but love the idea of a Newsletter. So later this week I will be putting together a newsletter for the Lunar Forecast, as well as some Tarot tidbits, and some art news. This will get sent out Tuesday nights. I've never done a newsletter, but I've wanted to for quite some time. Mondays are the days that I teach, and Tuesdays will be a big writing day for me.

I've noticed that I have developed a wonderful routine each day... Though some days are slightly different, like Mondays I prepare for class, they usually stick to something like this.

I wake up around 9am and make the bed. I clear the space in the house and pick up anything that shouldn't be on the floor. I then turn on fans to get the air flowing in my home. I take the pups on a walk and get to experience the seasons. This fall has been spectacular because I am immersing myself in it each day with the dogs. When I get home I have my coffee and sit in my spot. I usually journal, or sketch, or just sit and snuggle Merlin. After that I usually then do some yoga or work out for about an hour. And then I will answer emails and take care of small business matters, sometimes get a blog post done.. If we are lucky.

Around 1 or 2 I shower or take a bath. I'm so in love with my bathtub that I've been taking a lot of baths. I've recently put some potted plants and vines in there. It's heaven.  If I don't bathe, I usually take a magical shower with candles, plants, crystals and natural light. When I do bathe, I like to read. My latest read has been Women Who Run With The Wolves. A book I've read parts of, but am finally delving into whole heartedly.  My perfect bath consists of rose petals, rose milk, sea salt, candles, crystals, music and incense.

After my bath I'm usually ready to start working. I log in to accept Tarot Readings, and I work on current projects. If I have orders to get out I get those done first. I try to keep the work relaxed, but sometimes I fear it's too relaxed as my productivity has been down a bit. But I work for a cool boss, (me) who lets me go get more coffee and take the pups out on another walk. Living in the city and all, these pus need to go out several times a day. Short walks, long walks, and off the leash time for Meko. I will usually do something creative until it's bed time. This is the time I feel most like creating and will often be painting or drawing until 1 or 2 am.. and then it's bed time.

Sterling has been sick and spent the day with me at "work" yesterday. He was surprised to see that I am busy, but not running around stressed. (I guess that's the vibe I've been putting off. )
My days are filled with things to keep me busy... but it's not a stressful busy. 
My day is full of.. well.. fullness. 

My days are filled with ritual of cleaning and cleansing my home, self, and energy. 
They are filled with me creating. It could be 1 Tarot Card or 4. A Moon card, or a whole painting. Sometimes just getting a background done or a canvas prepped. 
Sometimes I spend the entire day doing Tarot Readings, or the whole day doing digital art work. 
Sometimes I cook all day. 

My busy days are full of ritual. Cleansing, blessing, creating, nurturing, renewing and growing. 
And this is the best kind of busy I can possibly think of.  

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  1. That sounds amazing. Kudos to you for being able to go after what you want instead of working a dead-end job you hate...

  2. I am SO happy for you, lady! You really have crafted the lifestyle you wanted! It's been a pleasure watching you work your way here.

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