Thursday, November 6, 2014

Elation and Creating From The Source

Happy Full Moon friends,
So much has already happened in this Lunar phase. A shedding. Yes. I've been teaching Moon Classes at Sacred City. While I've been moon charting for over a year now, teaching the class has left me way more in tune with the moon than I ever thought. This Full Moon has given me vivid and prophetic dreams. I wake up with this warmth in my heart, and this knot in my throat.. Tears come easy to my eyes. I recently felt the need to watch the movie I AM, in which they described this emotion as "elation." That term in of itself made my eyes well up. For a long time I thought this "crying" thing made me broken. It made me feel that my emotion were unstable.. because  I would cry at the simplest things. I would see the beautiful fall trees.. and cry. I would see something touching, and tear up. For a long time this swell of emotions I would get made me feel ashamed. It made me feel "scary." I cried so easily, but how could I explain that these were not tears of sadness, but tears of feeling the heart.
After watching the documentary I AM, when they spoke of the feeling of elation, I felt whole again. Not broken. Because I feel. A spectrum of joy so overpowering it brings tears to my eyes.

For the past few nights I've dreamed of spiders. Spiders crawling all over me, in my bed, on the walls.. but I have not been grossed out or afraid because the spiders speak. They are all whispering to me. In fact I've seen spiders in my third eye more this last month than ever before. Spider Medicine speaks of weaving and creating.. but more importantly I feel The Spider Woman near when I dream of these Spiders.
Spider Woman is a metaphor for "She who creates from a central source." She is assosiated with spiders, webs, weaving, creating, and dream catchers. She sits at the center of "The Web" of life, connecting all people, things, places and events. She is the divine feminine, the source of creativity and life. She is the feeling of elation.
During dreaming we are removed from our conscious level to float freely through this web. We learn and experience things outside our realm of physical consciousness.. This is when our subconscious learns lessons for us to "re-learn" later in life.

Today I woke up from a dream with the above image in my mind's eye. Before anything else (except a quick espresso) I sat down and created this. There was no sketch or calculations.. it was created directly from my heart. The way art should be made... from the source.

I sent a quick picture of it to Sterling.. saying "This is the first piece of art that I've created that I actually like." 

Last night I captured this image of the moon. Her reflection was cast on the near by buildings and I felt a swell of emotions again. This time extreme gratitude for the path I'm on, and all of the opportunities along the way. Opportunities to teach, learn, and grow.

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