Friday, November 7, 2014

Beyond Thankful

Today I am beyond thankful. 

Yesterday I posted a link to my newsletter and my inbox has been overwhelmed with new subscribers ever since! I haven't even had a chance to write the first letter! 

So, those who signed up for my newsletter... this above painting was created for you. 
I woke up with an extreme sense of gratitude and thankfulness in my heart.. 
Thank you to those who have signed up! 

If you want to sign up, there is a link under my header, or you can go here. 

The newsletter has been stirring in my mind for a few months now... but I never got around to doing it.
One day during my Tarot Class, I noticed tons of spelling errors in my handouts that I gave to people.. Someone in class suggested I just email an error free copy to the people in the class.. and that I should also include the Lunar Forecast I do. And we spoke of a newsletter going out each week.

So, I went home and did it! 

The weekly Newsletter is called Tree Talk. 
Each newsletter will include a Lunar Forecast and some Tarot Tips from class. I will also include some rituals for the current moon phase, and a few other tidbits from classes.. On top of all that I will also post art news, book releases and artistic announcements, events and upcoming classes. 

The newsletters will be fairly short, and won't repeat too much from the blog.. my plan for this newsletter is to help bridge the gap between my online shop and blog, and my local classes and artwork. Inside each newsletter I will also include coupons and discounts to my shop. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the newsletter  email me! I'd love to chat with you about getting an ad in each newsletter. You could even include discounts or coupon codes for your shop. 

I've also listed a few new originals and prints in the shop. 
Prints                  Original

Prints                       Original

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