Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Explorations

Staying true to my word, I've been out in nature trying to enjoy fall more. 
The dogs get lots of little walks and a big long one each day. 
And once a week we take them on a grand adventure to some place new. 
This last weekend we took them to City Creek. 

City Creek is a beautifully sad area of Salt Lake City. I felt a lot of sadness in the area for the native people who used to live there. The water from City Creek was used to power the entire city when the pioneers came. They routed it into the city for drinking water, planting, and power. Some of the original bricks are still there. You can read some of the history here.  You can feel that the land in this area was very sacred to the natives, and you can feel an eerie battle like energy there. As we hiked up into the trees, the sadness left for a little while, as we got to see the canyon and the creek for it's beauty. The fall sunlight made everything twinkle and shimmer. 

The area has a lot of heavy traffic, which is good for the pups! I want them to meet more people, and more dogs. So far they are doing well with people, but hate other dogs! We've got a lot of work to do. 

I wish I could explain the feeling there at City Creek. It's beautifully sad. There is gratitude there, and you can feel healing has been done in the area.. but there is a lot of sadness. 

I'm hoping we can go back before it gets too cold here. The leaves have almost all fallen in my complex's trees, and there is a chill to the air now. 
Pretty soon it will be way too cold for long adventures with the pups. 

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  1. That is beautiful. I need to get my pup out more. She likes other people, but only likes dogs bigger than her.


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