Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Happy Spot

I have a happy spot. It's nestled next to my easel, covered in pillows and overlooks the hill. I get a pretty good view of the city, and at night when it rains.. it's pure magic.

I knew it was my spot before I even signed the lease. I knew which pillows I would line the windowsill with. I knew I would have plants and crystals near it. I knew it would be somewhere I would go daily.

I have some vines growing from the ceiling that are one day going to engulf the area.

Everything about this spot is magic. I am even territorial about my spot. It's my space for healing, relaxing and sitting. Of course, it's also my home. So I get to be territorial.

This is where Merlin and I sit each morning and night. Sometimes I sip hot cocoa, sometimes coffee or tea.

My spot overlooks the city as well as part of our courtyard. The great thing about my complex, is everyone has a separate back door. The front doors are always locked and a bit hard to get to. I've used my front door a handful of times, it's just more practical to go through the back door where I have a private staircase. No one uses their front doors here at the complex, so there isn't much traffic in the courtyard. I've also noticed no one else sits in their windows like I do. Everyone keeps their blinds closed. I know each unit is different, and mine may be one of the only ones with low windows like this.. but it's nice that I can sit in my spot and not worry about anyone watching me, or noticing me as I watch them.

I love to watch the traffic on 1st avenue. It's mostly people walking by slowly. Going in and out of the little connivence store, waiting for the bus, or waiting for a taxi.

I've never been one to people watch unless I'm at a great distance. I have such a hard time with crowds and people watching in crowds makes me anxious and tired. I'm not sure how other empaths do it, but I tend to take on emotions and feelings of others when I'm near too many people. I haven't stepped foot in the mall or a movie theater in over 2 years.

But people watching from my window is nice. Because looking at the small individual walking with purpose, with the glittering city backdrop is beautiful.

This spot always gives me the greatest ideas of what to paint or draw.. and my next painting.... I'm hoping to paint my spot. Or at least something like it.

Having a happy place has become very important to me. This is where I go to get grounded, inspired, and centered.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!! it reminds me of when I was a little girl I had a couple spots like this. one was in a tree, one on my front porch swing. I should make another spot just like this. a nice relaxing, thinking, imagining spot. it looks super cozy!!!


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