Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Chill In The Bones

I woke up this morning with a great chill deep in my bones. It's like over night we have shifted into the cold of winter. Perhaps I feel it more now that there is no hair on my head.. But I think our dear dark winter is on it's way in.

My mind and body are thinking only of cozy sweaters, warm drinks and fire places. The air outside was extra crisp, and the leaves had a louder crunch to them than they did yesterday. Both dogs hurried about their business so we could return home and snuggle under the covers again. We are all adjusting to the new city, and our new routine of lots of walks, but I will say winter will be hard for all of us.

All morning the radiator has been sputtering off steam, moaning and groaning, trying to heat my old apartment. I thought living above the boiler room would be nice, but I just couldn't seem to shake this chill that has been set in my bones.

Around 2 pm, I had had enough. It was time for a bath. I've never ever been a bit fan of bathing. In fact, I do not like water. I take quick showers when I need to. I never go swimming, and I never go into the ocean. But, my apartment has the nicest bath tub I've ever seen. It's surrounded by decorate tile from the 20's. It's deep, and the knobs squeak the perfect vintage squeak every time. Paired with some crystals, oils, salts and candles, I can safely say I enjoy bath time now.

I often set up a crystal grid at my head, and bring crystals into the bath with me. I love having candles, and heated oils near by too. I recently brought plants into my bath tub area as well. I have some hanging down, and some growing upward. I also burn incense while in the bath. The main reason that I bring all of these elements into my bath, is just that. The elements. I believe in balancing that water energy that scares the fiery me. I bring fire, earth, and air into my bathing ritual. It helps me relax more, and helps me feel grounded when I get out of the tub.
Sometimes when I don't have time for a bath, I will still light the candles and everything and just turn my shower on low. It's very peaceful.
After a nourishing hour in the bath tub, I can say the chill in my bones has subsided. I'm feeling clear, cozy, grounded and inspired. Inspiration has been fleeting these last few days, and that's okay. I no longer chase it. It comes to me when I need it most. Last night I finally saw a vision of my Suit of Cups for the Tree Talker Tarot. I haven't worked on my deck in nearly a month now.. and for those of you waiting, I apologize for the delay. But I can not rush this. A Tarot deck should never be rushed, nor should inspiration, or creativity. I now have clear vision of the next suit, and I know that I will now have the time to work on it.

I've been trying to take my days easier. I have so much on my plate right now, that if I do not slow down I will cause myself to get sick. I know that 2015 is going to be a big year for me. I know that there is a major shift in motion, and that too I can feel deep in my bones. But before any major shifts take place, I know I need to nourish myself. 

And now my day is coming full circle, as I sit in my spot overlooking the city...I'm wondering where my day has gone, and where the time goes. I'm watching the sun set, and that chill is starting to creep back in through my fingers and up my hands. They are starting to feel creaky, and stiff. The warmth of the sun is leaving, and the city is looking darker and darker by the moment. But as the sky gets darker the little flickering lights of the city are more noticeable and brighter. I too will turn on my studio lights and let the inspiration flow through my chilled bones.. hoping that will help keep me warm as I create the next suite for my Tarot Deck.


  1. Beautifully written. The cosmic energy lately has thrown me for a loop. All of this deep stirring and releasing. I've found it difficult to project my intentions, and I end up feeling empty after the cleanse. How do you stay grounded in your intention even as you let go of old patterns?

  2. I am a Cancer, and I am incredibly, deeply drawn to water & the moon. I also have always, always loved fire. The sight, the sound, the smell of the woods, it is just fascinating to me. Lately I've been trying to be more in tune with earth, so have been trying earthing, which is harder now that it is turning so very cold & damp here in the mid-Atlantic. I am waiting for your tarot deck, but with patience, because I agree so very much Rachael, it shouldn't be a rushed or hurried thing, but grown in love, peace, patience, and allowed to become what it is supposed to become.


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