Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To Nourish

The willow trees  in my apartment courtyard have shed all their golden leaves. They are  scattered about my porch, and dance in the wind as people walk past. Like little glittering coins, I want to collect them all. This has been a very refreshing fall. Full of golden crunchy leaves, smells of cinnamon, and lots and lots of pomegranates. I love the quiet hush of fall, especially in the city. Sadly this last weekend, I was not able to go out and enjoy it as I would have liked.  I must have come down with a stomach bug or something as I've been feeling under the weather since Friday. I would love to share artwork with you.. all of the art I wish I would have finished... I would love to share epic photos of the fun things that I've done, but instead I've been sitting around the house watching it slowly get messy as my body screams at me to stay sitting and to rest. It's been hard! 
This is just a lesson I get to learn over and over again I guess. 
I hear a quiet hushed voice saying "Rachael, slow down. You have your whole life ahead of you to accomplish all of the things you want to accomplish." 

But, my reply is always "Yes to more projects!" Even when I try to slow down, it's never slow enough.. This is that Aries drive that I have. But at the same time, I'm learning to honor my moon sign. I'm a Virgo moon. Such an opposing sign to my Aries Sun. 
My Virgo moon gives me a delicate stomach, meaning I need to feed myself only the most nourishing of foods. I can't skip meals, and just drink coffee for all 3 meals. 

I suppose it's always a blessing in disguise.. because now I get to sit and catch up on my blogs. 
That's right... blogs. I blog over at Lotus Tarot too! Mostly about Tarot things... 
I also sent out the second Newsletter! This one was mostly about the power of our intentions, and how to manifest using the Lunar Energy. 
And then I get to blog here before.

I usually have three separate topics to write about. This is why I love Tuesdays.. cause I get to just sit and write about things that I love. On slightly different platforms, but are somehow all tied together.  

And once I finish writing, I take the pups on a walk, and then soak into a hot bath to heal and nourish myself. It's become something that I crave, and something that my sick little body needs right now. 

Even though I long to be painting at my easel, or even out taking the dogs on a long walk in the city.

Perhaps I'll at least get some Tarot Cards done tonight.

In fact, I'm a little upset with myself for letting this Tarot Deck take so long! I wanted it to be out by now, but I'm only half way done.

I keep thinking I will buckle down and get it going, but instead other things come up.

I keep asking myself, "When did my life get so busy?!"

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