Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tree Talker Tarot Update

Yes! The Tarot Deck is still happening! I've been soooo caught up with moving, teaching, readings.. the list goes on. Story of my life this last month am I right?! It seems every post starts off this way and I'm sorry. But I really am working on this here Tarot Deck. It's taken way longer than I thought it would.. which of course is also what I've been saying on the blog. I hit a block with the Court Cards of the Wands.

Obviously it was a block to creativity, especially because that's what the Suit of Wands represents. I drew out the Page of Wands, then decided to start over, then threw out the second try, and started a third one... half way through the third one I went back to finish the first one.
It took several weeks to get to the point of being okay with that card. I may even try a fourth time! But I decided to move on to The Knight of Wands and The Queen of Wands.

Here are some really rough photos from my sketchbook.. There is still so much to do on them! But I thought I would do an update on the project and let everyone know.. it's still happening!

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