Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keys To The City! And Other Exciting Things

Guys! Guys guys guys! My heart is so full today. I feel so many things coming full circle.. and I love it.

Last weekend I was honored to be a part of The Wild Women symposium where I set up a table and offered readings for people. It was such a scary experience for me! But I'm so happy I did it.

So here is a brief story on me... I used to be a very outgoing person. I had quite a bit of friends and I was very social. I'm not exactly sure what happened but for the last 2-3 years I became more reclusive. Which is totally okay and needed! I needed that time period of solitude.. of learning myself, of enjoying my alone time. But when I moved to SLC I put the intention to be more social and make friends. (Yikes!)

When I first moved here I was asked by a dear friend to help her do readings at the Wild Women Symposium. I initially wanted to go and attend the classes and meetings.. but didn't think I would have the money in time. So when I was asked to go up for a day to help with readings I was more than happy to be there! I later talked to one of the women in charge of the entire symposium who invited me there all three days to do readings and even attend a few of the classes! It was totally a dream come true for me. So I took it.
I was so nervous. I was a home body for years.. now I was throwing myself into a a large room of people I didn't know.. and doing readings for them! I had the feeling to just go with it. Do what I needed to do.. and not cause any resistance.
There was seriously a moment the night before I left.. where I just knew that in order to grow at all, I would have to just jump right in. So I did.

I had a little reading space in the loft.. and I did reading after reading after reading. I connected with so many wonderful ladies.
I honestly read for 8 hours straight one day! I was sooo drained from it.. but I kept pushing myself to grow. I don't remember much of the readings because a lot of it was being channeled through.. which is nice. But I was emotionally, spiritually and physically tired from it.

I was also able to attend some classes and activities. I got some wonderful healing done and went to a class on Angels. I did a deep meditation and met a new angel who has been hinting at me for a while. She has a very feminine energy and I can't wait to learn more about her.

The symposium was wonderful. I may even be teaching a class myself at the next one! (What?!) My Tarot table had crystals and with each person I read for I offered them crystal healing. I was asked to teach about crystals because of that. I'm totally going to do it if I get the opportunity. My heart is swelling from the idea of teaching the things I love.

The weekend was soooo healing and soooo soul filling. I had NO idea that there were retreats like this. I had no idea that I would be in a room full of women who had similar ideas and beliefs as me. I had no idea that I would actually connect with them and become friends.

I also had NO idea that I would dance. I am NOT a dancer. I feel like a tree in the wind when I dance. Which is great to windy type music.. but anything with a rhythm? I feel silly. I feel like my body is too stiff and my joints become locked.. and I just never feel comfortable dancing.. but I did. Everyone started dancing together one night after a class on sensuality and embracing that side.. and I totally tried. I had no idea that reading Tarot for 8 hours straight would be easier for me than dancing for 30 minutes.
But I tried to have fun. I tried to embrace that I was in a safe place with women like me. And I felt safe.

The Symposium was over Sunday night and I already miss it. I'm so thankful I went and put myself out there because I feel like I made new friends. Which is a first in a long long time. I finally have some female friends, which is incredibly new to me. Let's hope I don't scare anyone away.

So my crazy experience of jumping through doors didn't even end at the Symposium. I mentioned a little while ago that I have the opportunity to teach at Sacred City. My first class was Monday.. the day right after I got back from the Symposium. I barely had anything planned!

But, I was already in the "jump right in" mood.. so I went to my first class with hopes of making it work. Last night I taught basics on the moon. I taught about the Blood Moon tomorrow. The Moon in Aries, and what this eclipse is all about. I also taught the week in transit as the moon flows through the houses I told everyone what to expect through out the week. It was really cool. I also taught some basic moon charting. I took Marissa Moondaughter's Lunar Flow at the beginning of the year which really opened my eyes to moon charting. After charting the moon long enough I discovered a lot of things about my moods and the moon! So I was asked to teach Astrology and Lunar Rhythms as the other teacher backed out last minute. So I made my own moon charts and explained the process. I seriously encourage those who want to learn moon charting to take Lunar Flow with Marissa. She is a goddess of the moon and is much better at making moon charts than I am.
I gave my students some samples but told them to make their own, or mark their own calendars as my charts weren't as accurate as they probably could have been. But they gave the general idea of what it would look like.
We also set up a crystal grid for our intentions this Full Moon. Everyone put some intentions into my glass pyramid and after the full moon I will do a burn ceremony to help ignite them. My new friend Aubrey took this photo and she even brought some flying wish paper. Something I need to buy for this class!

After the Astrology class I had another class on teaching card readings! Jenica, one of my dearest friends, who is also Sterling's sister.. which I totally see as my sister.. not even a sister in law type of relationship taught with me. (go follow her instagram!) We explored how to do intuitive readings and how to allow the cards to speak to you and each other. The cards don't really have to match up with the books. These are tools to unlock your divination skills and your intuition. So.. listen! 

 After the class was over I was given a key to Sacred City. I made the joke of being handed keys to the city.. cause I think I'm hilarious.
But the thing is.. I'm totally honored to be teaching here. 
I was asked to be teaching here within the first week of moving and I knew I had to take it. 
I knew I had to dive right in. I was so nervous, but in the end I think everything turned out awesome. 
I got to connect with people! 

In the last four days I've made some wonderful new friends and feel like I belong to something.. for the first time in years and years! 

And here is the best part. I saved it for last... 

Remember my post last year on moving to Art Space?  
I actually got the apartment I wanted.. but in the end something just felt off. 
So I chose the 100 year old apartment I'm in now with the high ceilings, the squeaky floors and the crazy sounds below us. I totally feel like I made the right decision...
 but I do feel I missed out on Art Space.

Everything came full circle for me with Art Space because that is where Sacred City is located! The space right behind me is where Sacred City is. Art Space has apartments, but it also has store fronts and rentals for businesses! The time of the photograph there wasn't anything there.. but I was taking pictures of the area and myself to see how well I felt I fit in. The space was so cool with concrete floors and lots of windows. I don't live there, but now I get to teach there! It's seriously the best of both worlds. 

So if you are in my area.. I teach on Mondays! 

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