Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Dead Riding Hood Signed Copies

So Amazon  gave us all a little surprise and released Little Dead Riding Hood early! That same day the book showed up on my door! It was the same day I was heading out to the Wild Women Symposium and was in a huge hurry so I wasn't able to do a thing! Now that the dust has settled a bit, I'm able to post about it. 

"Unlike most kids, Scarlet Small’s problems go far beyond just trying to fit in. She would settle for a normal life, but being a 12-year-old vampire for an entire century is a real pain in the neck. Plus, her appetite for security guards, house pets, and tomato juice is out of control. In order to keep their vampire-secret, Scarlet’s parents resort to yet another move. At her new school, Scarlet not only has a strange skeleton-girl as a classmate, but a smelly werewolf is intent on revealing her secret. When Scarlet meets Granny—who fills her with cookies, goodies, and treats, and seems to understand her more than anyone—she’s sure things will finally be different. But with a fork-stabbing incident, a cherry pie massacre, and a town full of crazy people, Scarlet’s positive she’ll never live to see another undead day."

 First off, this book was hard work. Meaning it's full of even more illustrations than the first! In fact it has double the illustrations. Looking through the book was fun because I got to see the illustrations again.. some of them I forgot about! 
Here are some sneak peaks of some of the illustrations. 

Doing these books has made me love pen and ink drawings as that's what the Tarot deck consists of. 

I'll be selling autographed copies again. 
This time instead of selling just 10 I will be taking preorders.. 

Each book will have my signature and a doodle just for you.. and Amie the Author  is also sending some book plates for each book! 

So you could order them through amazon, or get an autographed copy through me!  

I am selling them on Etsy for 13.00 each plus 4.00 shipping. It may take several weeks for them to arrive to you as I will have to place a large order, wait for the books to come, then sign them, then ship them out! So please be patient! 

I will have the preorders open for about 2 weeks and will send updates to those who purchase it. 

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  1. Ordered! Can't wait, but I will try and be patient :)

  2. Lucky for you! You are the first to order and I have an extra copy.. I'll get your out to you right away!!

  3. Did you see the Etsy email I sent you! I realized I don't have the book plates from Amie yet! If you'd like I could still send yours early with out it. Let me know! xx


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