Monday, February 3, 2014

A Bold Move

Last week I posted about my ideas for A Tiny House. While I want to do this sooo badly, I've found quite a few obstacles in the way. My rent was just raised here, and it's been hard to save up for anything like a truck, or lumber for my tiny house. I absolutely adore my home here. It's beautiful and perfect. It's my favorite house ever. But, I think I've found a solution to my obstacles.
I haven't moved in almost two years! But, I found the perfect place for me. I'm putting it out there into the universe that I want to live here. Perhaps sell my contract in this home if I need to.

 I've found some apartments in city. Right now I live much closer to the mountains and the trees. Rent is actually cheaper here than most places. But, the place I found is the exception. I am hoping to apply and move into some Artist Housing!
 In the capital city of my state there are some Artspaces. The city took some old buildings and turned them into apartments just for artists. The one I want to move in was an old Tire Factory built in 1901. It has 53 apartment houses just for artists. They even allow pets.

There is a community garden, and studio spaces. The apartments are above some small restaurants and cafes. And it's across the street from the huge mall, and near the train station.

I still have yet to take a tour of the inside, but from the photos I've seen the floors are concrete, with brick walls, and very high ceilings. Very different from what I'm living in now, but a dream come true.

(Taken from their website) 

These apartments are smaller than my two bedroom house right now, but the price is perfect and would give me the opportunity to save for my trailer and my house. Plus, it would be fun to live so close to the downtown area.  I would get to take the pups on walks in the city and we would all love a change of scenery. 

(The view leaving the apartments each morning) 
Living here will be a huge change for me, and the pups. But it's been a long time since I've had change this big, and there is a spot in my heart that is craving it. Plus I would get to live in an apartment just for artists. My environment would be very creative.
I am not too certain the hows or whens.. I still need to apply and get accepted. I might even need to submit a portfolio. But, like I mentioned earlier, I want to put this idea out into the universe to help bring it to life. Can you guys see me living in a place like this? What do you think of the concept of Artist Housing? Also, anyone want to take my house here? I might even give you the entertainment center.... 

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  1. When you Instagramed it I looked it up, it sounds heavenly to me, and I myself have been sending you best wishes & white light ever since you first mentioned it! All of their apartment buildings sound dreamy, but the tire factory seems right up your alley Rachael! I was sitting her perusing their information & photos & found myself wishing I were not here in PA, but in UT, so that I too could try to get into one of them. Best of luck to you in this, and I will continue to be sending positive energy your way!!!

  2. I actually called them earlier, before ever reading this, because they were recommended under the kind of housing we're looking for. The only downside is, I am guessing making only $480 a month total isn't enough for rent, etc. I also don't know if they allow pets, but I can imagine you wouldn't even consider this place if they didn't! I can totally see you living there!

  3. ...Derp! I called one called Artspace Bridge. Nevermind me!

  4. There's similar artist housing here in Reno and the folks I know living there really seem to love the environment. Plus it's always a part of our annual Artown and all the studio crawls and such, so there are lots of opportunities.
    Best of luck getting accepted and making the move!

  5. I can totally see you there, it looks like such a great space to live in. I didn't even know things like this existed. I'm not in artist, but I do make stuff and I'm working on creating designs (crochet, knit, embroidery) to build a new career, so I can see how the prospect of being surrounded by kindred spirits would thrill you. Go for it! Sending all the best vibes xx

  6. part of my masters thesis talked about places like this! great for artists and great for the city! good luck :)

  7. OH WOW!!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a place like that! I hope you apply and get accepted!! I also have Tiny House dreams. :)

  8. I've been to the artspace gallery several times for shows my dad has done there and for gallery strolls and such. It's such an awesome place and a great community there! I would love to live somewhere like that, but I'm not an artist :-)

  9. I think it looks awesome! And right now I live in a tiny two-bedroom house, too.

  10. i will take over your rent... maybe. if i can convince my husband! how much is it going to be per month with utilities? washer/dryer? dishwasher? painting walls?

  11. It doesn't come with the washer and dryer or dishwasher, but I would probably leave them here because my new place would have a laundry on site. The dishwasher is a portable one that you hook up to the sink, but I've never used it. It's just been awesome counter space. The walls don't need too much painting. Plus, that would be the manager's responsibility not yours. :) I haven't been able to get ahold of the managers about even selling the contract, but i can try again! Right now the rent is 710, it MAY go up to 720. They are going to be fixing the roof and putting in insulation so the utilities will go down too.

  12. Oh nice. Yeah well if you do need someone to take it over, I'm definitely interested. Maybe I can talk to your manager? After you talk to them about moving? You can email me at My current contract ends in may I believe, so we could not renew and be in by the end of May/beginning of June. But if we renew, then we have to sell it and that may take some time :) but anyways. Just shoot me an email if you end up moving!

  13. For sure!! We want to move in May anyways! I will keep you in mind, and email you before we post it online. I'll give them a call tomorrow, and see if I can get ahold of someone. :)


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