Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dreams Coming True

The title of this sounds very romantic and sweet.. but I mean it in a literal sense. I've had several instances this last week of my dreams and my interpretations coming true.It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and actually write out a good post here. This move took so much more out of me than I ever expected. In fact I'm still pretty sore from the move.
I've been here two weeks or so, and so much has happened already. I've been working on the Tarot Deck the best I can but it seems it's not moving fast enough for me. I have also had lots of opportunities to be out of the house, which is very weird for me.

I'm usually a home body, though I haven't always been like that. For the last few years I've been keeping to myself a bit more. Working from home kind of does that to me... But I've noticed it's taken a toll on my mental well being. People need other people. So when I moved here, I did with the intention of getting out of the house and being more social.

Lately I've been having a reoccurring dream.. I have dreamt about sitting with some of my past students. No one really in particular, just some random students from when I used to teach art. They were in my house, telling me they were hungry. So I went to my fridge and gave them some of the food I had just made. We would then enjoy a meal together.

I've had that dream several times now. Different students, different meals and different nights.

I would wake up from the dream wondering what it meant.. was I meant to work at a school again? with the same type of kids? Should I look up places in my area? Or perhaps the kids themselves were a symbol.. I do dream interpretation for others so I figured I would do some for myself. I figured I was meant to teach again.

The very next day Sterling and I went to The Sacred City unveiling. Sterling's sister Jenica is a teacher there and invited us in for the grand unveiling. There was dancing, face painting, card reading, healing, and much more. It was a very welcoming place. At first Sterling and I both felt very uncomfortable being out of place.. but we stayed and powered through our social awkwardness.. by the end of the event we felt totally comfortable and welcomed.
While at the event I was asked to be a teacher there! Turns out one of their teachers had to cancel. She was teaching cartomancy and astrology.. two of my specialties! I said I would do it.. because after all, my dreams were telling me to start sharing knowledge again.
Of course after agreeing to start teaching this Monday my social anxiety set in again. Self doubt flooded through me.. I feel very awkward around people. I feel inadequate and small... I had to ask myself, was I really up to teaching?? Then I remembered, I have taught teenage boys. I have literally been in a room with 12 teenagers at a time.. teaching them. Did I feel small and awkward? Of course... but I made it. So I had to give myself a little pep talk about being brave. I can totally do this.

So, if you are in my area, join me Mondays at 7! I'll be teaching classes on Astrology and the Moon.. We will learn to observe the moon as she travels through the 12 houses of the zodiac. We will learn our unique ebb and flow, learn the basic zodiac sign characteristics and how they apply to us personally as the moon is in each house. I will also teach basic moon charting here so these principles can be applied to daily life.

I was also asked to do readings at the Wild Women Symposium! My first week being moved in, I had a friend text me asking if I wanted to do readings with her on one of the days of the Wild Women Symposium. I said yes immediately! I later talked to one of ladies who was coordinating the readers and she asked me to stay the whole time and offer readings as well as go to some of the classes.

I saw the poster at the coffee shop the day I was moving, and thought to myself how awesome it would be to attend. I decided maybe I could go to the next one.. but was delighted to be asked to not only attend, but to do readings is a dream come true!

"The Wild Women Symposium is an empowerment and education weekend bringing together women from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds. Amazing teachers and facilitators who specialize in the intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, nutrition, and movement have come together to share their gifts and knowledge during this event.
Designed exclusively for women, this event will awaken your wild side and allow you to discover the beauty and divinity of being a woman. It is through the safety and connection with other women in open-hearted environments that we learn to connect to our deepest selves."

Again... if you are in the area this weekend, come see me! I'll be doing free 20 minute readings! For both of these opportunities, I am terrified, excited, nervous, and grateful. But I'm working on being brave, and I'm kind of just going to throw myself through these open doors and trust I'll land on my feet. 

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  1. Wow, lots of exciting stuff coming up for you! So happy to hear you are teaching again. I am the same way, I get really anxious about doing stuff like that too but then after it's all said and done I am so happy that I did it. Hope everything goes well for you!

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