Monday, May 10, 2010

Just a few things

 New things to be added to the shop!
All in the color purple! 
Check out the cute earrings from SpotLightJewelry
Cat from SpotLightJeweltry has got some of the cutest earrings ever 
and they are all super affordable!
Can't get any better...Check out her shop! 

Also.. Talk2thetrees will no longer be pictures of just my face anymore!
 This is Daniel, my roommate. He is modeling my Big Bad Wolf Hat.
He's real good at singing and playing guitar.
He's got a new blog for his music so give him some blog love! 

One more thing..
Talk2thetrees now has... 
I feel legit.. just a little.


  1. labels! hooray! love them!

  2. These look wickedly delightful!
    You both look good in hard work:P

    and sassy chroma to boot!

  3. Cute new items; I can always expect cute things from you ;)

    LoveLoveLOVE the tag! very professional

    & Hi Daniel! *waves*

  4. Rachael, Love the colour of the second headband. the bluey-purple is amazing! I'm not a big fan of the colour but am getting used to it as i have to wear it every tuesday, thursday and saturday for my football!

    The tag is way cool. Am looking forward to getting something off you with that tag in it!!

  5. Congrats on the tags! Hehe definitely looks more legit and professional :) love the purple things! And your roommate's face! It's so hilarious :)

  6. ooo i love all the purple! love the matching eyeshadow too (^_^) liking Daniels Grrr face, will have to visit his blog!

    Congrats on the labels, it definitely makes a difference! how did you make them? :o) i've been thinking about putting some together, but the different techniques make me dizzy! =P

    take care lady x

  7. High five for labels! Now you're too legit to quit. . . Mostly I just like saying that.

  8. But we love your face! I want to get labels. Yours are awesome.

  9. love your label-know what you mean about feeling legit. dont stop modeling your stuff - you have a beautiful face!

  10. I sooo badly want one of the headbands from your shop... I can't wait to have a little bit of extra pocket change so I can get the one I've been eyeing!!


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