Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sometimes.. and Only Sometimes

I might sneak in to cemeteries at 3 in the morning.
There might be a spooky figure behind me.
Lets hope it's just a trick of light...
 I might have heard that it was haunted.
I might have heard that the statues move around at night.
I might have worn all black for the occasion.
I felt like a ninja.
My butt might be shrinking...
My camera and my phone might have run out of batteries after starting out fully charged.
The lights from the city might have made the sky look red.
There might have been eerie shadows.
There might have crazy floating lights.
But... you never know.


  1. Rachael, I love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures. You honestly seem like such a cool person to meet. Let's hang out sometime. xo

  2. this was so awesome! i want to go to this cemetery so bad!

  3. I absolutely love cemeteries.

    Also, regarding your comment, you completely don't fall into that category. I love your photos about your adventures (like this one) or showing all the lovely things you create. :) You're definitely not an empty person, you seem like you have so much depth. You should know by now that you're definitely a great person.

    P.S. Was it cold, and do you believe in souls/spirits/ghosts, etc?


  4. I love cemeteries! I dream about visiting Cemetery Number One in New Orleans... I am so close, I have no excuse not to! I want to see all the above ground tombs and write an 'x' on Marie Laveau's tomb. Have you ever heard about her? Look at this:

    It's supposed to be really haunted. Supposedly, according to legend, if you mark an 'x' on her grave, she brings you good luck!

    I also want to visit the Myrtles Plantation. It's a plantation in the middle of Louisiana where this slave supposedly had an affair with her master. She poisoned the wife and children and killed them, so she was hung as punishment. One of the guys from my work told me that you can actually stay there over night in one of the rooms (it's a Bed and Breakfast now) and that the owners leave you there ALONE all night! How cool is that? I would love to go there! Staying over night is kind of expensive (sad face) but the tours of the place are pretty cheap.


    I wish we could go to these places together! You share my love for the supernatural :)

  5. Cemeteries scare me!

    You're a brave one, mr grinch.

    But I love the pictures.

  6. How spooky! Your first photo is eerie ~ I swear there is something (someone?) behind you! I would be petrified!

  7. They are some awesome pictures! I haven't snuck into a cemetery at night in ages!!!! I think i might just have to again...

    The lighting in the photos is amazing.

    Cemeteries have walls and gates to keep the living out. but the dead can wander where on earth they like.

    It's like that age-old joke: "Oh look! They built a wall around the cemetery. It won't stop people that are dying to get in..."

    Yeah. Bad joke. lol.

  8. I love doing that! One time I took a recorder and got back crazy sounds in the background! It was pretty awesome.

  9. AAAAH! I hate cemeteries so bad. I get so creeped out like someone's old decrepit rotting hand will come out and grab my ankle or something. I know its totally one of those irrational fears... Spppooookyyy pictures.

  10. I like this post... heehee... you're cute. I love your creations, pics, and style. Much love,

  11. awesome photos! looks like a fun adventure!

  12. I love to go ghost hunting! It's awesome!

  13. This is my favourite Talk2thetrees post so far, no kidding. I love all the pictures, I love it that you post a lot of pictures of you, the trees, cemeteries, and all the things you love.

    A big hug!!

  14. haha how fun! we used to do this all the time, then i had to leave my home for school. boo!

    love your cute blog!


    ps i found you through a button, if you would like to trade just let me know and we can spread the love! :)

  15. k it just too me too long to pic which button to use of yours haha love that


  16. those pics are cool.. love the one with the sun coming from the back with the purple light effects

  17. Have you found your great- great grandmother's sons yet?

  18. wow that is totally awesome! i love that first pic too! you look so mischievous ;)

  19. @Emilie Lynne I've been there! Didn't mark an 'X' though, but it was a blast. It's very interesting post-Katrina.

    Rachael, these photos are amazing. They're fun, and eerie, and they don't take themselves too seriously. Exactly what I feel photography should be. :)

  20. Little bit creepy but pretty :)


  21. you are a brave brave girl! i dont think I can do that here lol


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