Friday, May 14, 2010

I don't have much to say

It's true, I really don't have a whole lot to say lately.
This is going to be a lame post with little words and pictures of my face.
Mostly just headbands added to Talk2thetrees.
 And a Panda Hat.
I love pandas and I love this new hat.
I wear mine often and I feel like a little ol' bear.
All soft and warm and cozy with my little ears.
Yeah.. I'm nerdy, I know.
But I'm a nerdy ol' bear.

I'm hoping for a better post soon.
I'm hoping to have a better week.
I have tons of ideas... but no motivation.

Isn't that just awful?


  1. Cute hat and beautiful face. I love you!

  2. Haha I LOVE that panda hat! Super cute!

  3. See, you can get away with posting only a few words and pictures of yourself - because you have such a pretty face!

    Love the new items! (that hat is adorable)
    Every time I see your headbands it always makes me want to cut all my hair off. Then I realize I have curly hair and it would never look good. I wish i could wear them though!

    Here's too a better week with more motivation! ;)


  4. a) Awesome panda hat.
    b) It seems like no one has motivation this days so don't worry.
    c) I love your posts with lots of Rachael pictures no matter how lame you think they are.
    d) Hang in there!! I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately but really, things will get better soon.
    Â big hug!!


  5. Ahhhh I love your panda hat, he's a cutie!

    I also have tons of ideas and no time to put them into practise! I was awake really early this morning thinking madly of things I want to make haha

    Sarah x

  6. Pictures blogs are good! I love the new headbands that you've added to your shop, I never thought I was a headband kind of girl, but these are totally me! And the panda hat is SO cute, I love all of your unique ideas! Hope you get out of the motivation slums, I know they can be such a bummer!

  7. And Rachael.... I have an award waiting for you in my blog :D so go see girl!!
    Much love,

  8. It's not awful at all! I'm going through the very same thing right now. I have a list of ideas on a piece of paper next to my computer right now but no motivation to write them. :( We'll get there again.

    Sometimes all you need is a post full of pictures of your lovely headbands. They are plenty! I want the Panda hat! Do you have any of those for sale? I will visit the shop. :)

  9. oh don't you look just divine!!! that panda hat stole my heart!

  10. Love the panda hat!!!

    Right now I'm too motivated. I swear I'm starting a new project everyday and rarely finishing any of them.

  11. o goodness. pandas are on my top animal fav list. how much is that hat.

  12. You are way toooo cute missy!! I love the panda hat - you are super talented!

  13. The panda hat is SO adorable. It just might be my new favorite ;)

  14. I LOVE pandas! And i'm in love with the panda hat!


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