Sunday, May 9, 2010

Only One Thing To Do...

Bad days happen
 Sadness is inevitable. 
 The heart needs to be sad every once in a while.

 Today was a bad day.
I woke up sad.
My heart was heavy and sad.

Nothing could cheer me up,
There was only one thing to do.
Sometimes it's the only thing to do.

I'm not sure if this even helped.
(Although I got a good laugh when I looked through these)

After words I had a good long talk with my mom.
It was a much needed talk.
I probably overloaded her with worry.
(And so close to Mother's Day too!)
Thanks for talking to me Mother. 
Thanks for being there for me.
Thanks always for your wonderful advice and your support.
This is the second Mother's Day that I've been away from home.
I hate it.

If I was there I would wake up early and make you breakfast in bed.
Blackberries in cream, your fave.
I would clean up the whole house for you 
and tell you how much I missed you
and how much I love you
And how much... someday
I hope to be 
just like you.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!
Your present will be arriving in the mail...
but for now you can watch me eat Nutella..


  1. AWWWWW!!!! this was so adorable! such a great little mothers day post =D

  2. Congrats to your momma and my momma and all the awesome mommas!! Great post! Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Aww, Rachael, you are so funny! These pictures are cute :) I love nutella so much. I eat it with a spoon, too!! I am missing my momma today as well, it's my first mother's day away from home.

    I hope you are cheering up!

  4. Nutella always seems to turn that frown upside down.

  5. You're too cute RacH!!!! I will have to try out this whole Nutella bit:)

  6. This made me cry! This was a wonderful Mother's Day gift...thank you! I love you Rachael and always, always, always will!
    One of these days we will need to have a mother-daughter day and do all wonderful things together.

  7. Nutella and banana! Enlightenment in your mouth.

  8. I thought I was the only person who ate nutella on a banana! YUM! Glad to meet a fellow nutella/banana lover!

  9. banana + nutella = instant happiness, if ever so brief.

  10. You want to hear a sad story... bananas are my favorite fruit and my cute hubsters is super allergic to them and if I eat them he wont kiss me!!! Sad huh!

  11. I hope you feel better! Its never fun to have a heavy heart :( ! Bananas and chocolate mmmmmmmmm! I love them in crepes!

  12. i eat nutella by the spoonful(s) DAILY. YUM!


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