Thursday, May 6, 2010

Colorful Distraction

Today I felt colorful.
I decided my mood was purple.

I decided we needed a welcome mat.
Now we won't forget which house is ours.
Mowgli felt colorful too. I don't think he is color blind.
He thought the blue chalk tasted best.
I got real hot and real dirty out in the sun.
I met my next door neighbor for the first time.
I think I confused her.

She wanted to know what I was doing outside,
in a dress
with sidewalk chalk.
I was just having fun, 
taking a break,
with dirty knees and goofy grins.
Just hanging out in the light with bright red lips.

I didn't feel like photoshopping all my freckles out.
I didn't feel like doing my hair either.

I get distracted easily.
I have a short attention span.
It keeps life interesting and fun.
So I don't mind it too much.

Although it looks like I will be taking my knitting to the movie theater tonight.


  1. Wow.
    Really, wow.
    You look absolutely gorgeous with the red lips, freckles, and wavy hair.

    I love it so much more, in my humble opinion. I like that it's more natural.

    I also love playing with chalk, and always will. Age can't change that!

  2. I am officially in love with your blog. I love your pictures and the way you great! Thank you for the inspiration today!

  3. red lips and's such a different you and i love it too!

    and why wouldn't you be outside taking a break with sidewalk chalk in a dress with mowgli looking too cute and confusing the lady next door? seems most appropriate to me ;)

  4. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

  5. Haha, mougs was a trooper! My favorite part of the side walk chalk is how it leaves cute little colorful shoe prints when you walk in the house :P Missed you at the movies, but the world needs hats! The photo shoot was awesome today, thanks again!

  6. So fun!!! I love sidewalk chalk!

  7. Why would you ever photoshop out such ADORABLE freckles?? I love them! You look beautiful! <3

  8. i like that you see the bright side of the short attention span.

    love your welcome mat. love the pic of your knees. love the red lip and messy hair! :D

  9. Love these photos :)

  10. I love how cute you are & how personal your blog is! I always read it (even if I don't always comment - I'm bad at that part.)

    P.S. Your freckles are cute; you're gorgeous!

  11. I like the door mat. What a cute idea.

  12. Hello Rachel! My first visit to your interesting/fun blog (won't be my last ;) I had chuckle imagining your neighbor's confussion :0) Nice to meet you xx


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