Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Care To Join Me?

I'm going on a walk.
Would you like to come?
 My best pal Mowgs is coming too..
I hope you don't mind.
He adores his walks.
 You can bring your furry friend if you'd like.
I don't mind. The more the merrier.

We will walk on the main road until that gets a too little boring.
We will notice a little path.
The path will lead you and me to a darling old playground.

We will have to follow those instructions,
play time is never free you know.
Would you like to be the astronaut or the lion tamer?
I would prefer the lion tamer personally.
I'm terrified of space. Plus I've always had a way with animals.
But we could take turns if you'd like.
When we get to the merry-go-round I will tell you about a distant memory of mine.
It will go like this:

"I was little.. I think in Ohio, or maybe in Utah. Where I was it was hot outside. I remember spinning on one like this. It was wooden though. I got very dizzy. I must have fallen off because all I remember is the color red and lots of pain. I've always associated pain with the color red. I saw red that day and that's all I really remember. Red."

As we walk I will show you my new feather hair pieces that are now up in my little shop.
I have been excited about these all week! 

Soon we will discover that we are lost.
Nothing looks familiar anymore.
How ever will we get back?
I will ask you if you've noticed random wooden crosses in random empty fields like I have.
I'm sure you've noticed it too.
We will try to find our way back.
Watching our step the whole way..
Stepping on a snake would ruin this walk for sure.
How could we have gotten lost?

Sometimes I guess that's just what happens
It's no reason to stop smiling and laughing.
No reason to get upset. 
We won't panic.
We are just exploring for a bit.
Admiring the beauty of the world.
Little Mowgli will need a break every once in a while though.
He's just a little guy who gets tired easily.
I will even have to carry him after a while.

Soon we will make it home.
Hot, tired and hungry.
But thankful for the surprise adventure.

Cheesey lunches for all! 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little lost. 
It reminds us of just how small we really are


  1. I really liked this post.
    You have a great blog.

    Also, I'd definitely be the astronomer. I travel space on a daily basis. It's my favourite thing, of course, because it's the only thing. Nothing we know would be here without it.

  2. aw this is one of my favorite blog posts ever! so fun :) i want to come too!

  3. I LOVED THIS!!! words cant explain...

  4. If I remember right, the merry-go-round was in Little Rock Arkansas! We met the Rachal cousins 1/2 way between Grandpa's and Memphis. Strange huh?

  5. That was gorgeous!!! I'd love to go on walks with you... adventure all around! Even getting lost is fun. (I do it frequently!)It is easy to in a big city. Or a big park!

  6. Sounds like a great walk! Ace and I are getting bored of the same old streets every day, we could definitely benefit from getting lost from time to time.

  7. Thanks for taking me on a great walk, I really needed to get out of the house! Poor Mowgli, and his tuckered out legs.

  8. i loved going on the walk with you. i love the pic with the random cross, the cheesy lunches for all, and the last pic. so fun!!!

  9. I get lost all the time! I must be tiny!! :)

    I loved this post!

  10. i loved reading this, you combine your photos and writing so well!

  11. Great post again. And the merry go round piture is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Awww I wish my pup liked walks - he's an odd one! I'd for sure be an astronaut - the circus made me sad with the tigers. This is a really nice post and your feather bands are so pretty! :)

  13. Hi! I love your blog - the pictures are so whimsical and mysterious. I wanted to give you a sunshine award - check out mine for details:

  14. That's the longest most fun blog post ever.


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