Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Talk To Trees?

I talk to a lot of things... My poor sewing machine gets verbally abused. I plead with the storms and the tornadoes to go away. I grumble at my pillow when it falls off the bed, and I try to coax my hair to lay flat in the morning.

I think it's human nature to talk to things, even when they can't hear us. I know that my sewing machine isn't going stop jamming if I bribe it. My hair isn't going to stick down in the back if I whisper to it to stay.

But will a plant grow if you ask it to? 
If you tell it it's beautiful will it try and become more beautiful?

Science is now showing that sounds do influence plant growth. Through research is has been discovered that sound impacts plant growth because it is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is  known to enhance plant growth. Read an article about that here

Ever heard that of that experiment with the classical music. We did it in the 4th grade.

You let one plant listen to classical soothing music, one plant listen to heavy metal and one plant listen to nothing. After a few weeks of that, (and plenty of sunshine and water) you see which plant has grown the most.

Another experiment we tried was talking to plants. One plant you tell it sweet things in a calming voice. One plant you are mean or yell at,  and the other plant you just leave be. After a few weeks you see which one has grown the most.

It was always the plant that listens to the calming or soothing tones.
(Keep in mind this was a fourth grade science class)

So is it that the plants hear? 
Or can they sense nice things in the air.
Are plants receptive to energy?

I think yes.  
But this is just my opinion, I'm a plant lovin gal who talks to trees, not a lab coat wearing scientist.

Have you noticed that plants seem to wilt a little after there has been a fight? Or when there is yelling the plants require a little bit of extra love.

Ever walk into a room and "feel" that there has been a fight? The air feels different, and you kind of just don't want to be there...

Have you ever walked into a room full of laughter and games? The air is light and inviting and you feel like staying a while.

I feel that plants can sense this energy as well.
Positive energy has a huge effect on all living organisms.
I'm sure not everyone talks to their ficus asking it to live when it starts to loose it's leaves. Not everyone tells their ivy plant they look beautiful today. Not everyone ties a ribbon around the plant who looks the saddest.

But I do. It makes me happy, and that's what plants are for.

I love plants. I love to have plants in my house. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They are known to make you happy and calm. I believe that plants emit a natural energy that helps balance out all the unnatural stuff. (like tv and video games)

Every time a new electronic is brought into my house I  seem to buy a new plant. Weird!

Do you talk to your plants?


  1. i love this. you are so precious. i do believe in this as well. and it tells me you have a very nurturing soul. did you see them do this expirement on mythbusters? not just for 4th grade science students :)

  2. i loved this, a house full of plants always feels lively, i feel it is a must!

  3. I don't think I talk to my plants, but I have always loved plants. I remember when I was a child, I would buy plants instead of candy bars like most kids. I even subscribed to plant catalogs when I was 10. Plants have always brought me joy!

  4. this is the nicest blog post ive ever read. anywhere :)

  5. aww this is so sweet! i love my plants and perhaps i should talk to them more and have the hubby play less metal hehe

    but this has got me thinking now :)

  6. I agree! We had a plant in the office that was dying and everyone who walked by said: look at that plant, we shoudl replace it, it is dying. So, I asked them to stop that and instead tell it to grow and be it's beautiful self again. Together with some healing energy I put in the water I gave it, it is now a beautiful ficus again in our office.

  7. I talk to my plants! I had an artichoke bush, and I really wanted it to grow 'cause they're technically not meant for this climate, so I would talk to it everyday and tell it how beautiful it is. The thing thrived!

  8. Rachael! Every single one of your posts is so inspiring!

    I never talked to trees before, but I think I'm going to start.. :)

  9. plants TOTALLY absorb energy, just like any living thing.

    you remind me of a favorite book- have you heard of the Celestine Prophecy?

  10. A friend of mine has the most beautiful plants in town. Whats his secret, He does positive energy meditation with them.

  11. yep, i do! i totally talk to my plants and give them love. another things about plants is they always need a plant friend. i never have just one plant in a room. one semester of college, i only have room in the car to bring up one plant. this sucker had been alive and doing well for years. but within a month up at school, it died. it's because it was alone.


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