Friday, January 23, 2015

In The Studio

I come from a very talented family. 
My father is a gold smith and jewelry designer, my mother is a teacher, but growing up she always did crafts and projects. My older sister knits and crochets the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'm an artist and illustrator, my little sister is a photographer, and my little brother is a musician! 
I realized this a few days ago, when my little sister Sarah came over to photograph me in my studio! 

I can sometimes take photos with a tripod and remote, but it's just so tricky to get the lighting and timing right, so I am very thankful she came over to get some photos for me. 
I think they turned out great. 
She's got some really creative ideas and talent! 


  1. I adore these! I love photography and my word, your sister is talented! :) You look so stinking cute!

  2. LOVE!
    My favorites are of you on the rug with ze kitty and with your hand on your face, but that picture of your hand with the bracelet is probably my favorite customer photo ever!

    Your sister has some talent. This post is like a creative talent explosion.

  3. Beautiful photos of you! Your sister is very talented

  4. those are great photos!!! you look lovely!


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