Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In The Details

I was explaining my typical day to a friend earlier.. 
It goes something like this: Wake up, take the pups out, make coffee, answer emails, clean the house,  take pups out, take a shower or bath, eat something, paint, do paper work, take out pups again, scan in items, work on orders, create something new, keep working on projects.. scan, paint, print, rinse and repeat. so much work.
 Oh my goodness. I love it. I really do. 

I love getting things accomplished.
 Looking at my checked off to-do list is my favorite thing ever... 
but that's not what makes my day great. 

It's the beauty within all the details of this work that makes my day great. 
Because mixed in that to-do list there are opportunities to find something beautiful. 
I've been enthralled with the beauty of my surroundings lately.. especially within those "take out the pups" moments. Watching their joy as they run around in a field. Witnessing their delight in all of the sounds and smells that surround us. Seeing Meko jump for joy at strangers.. watching their reaction as they see this bright shining doggie soul beaming at them... People go about their life with their eyes forward, not noticing the beauty that surrounds them.  

My favorite thing about walking the dogs is how often they stop. 
It used to drive me crazy, especially in cold weather.. 
but pretty soon I learned that if a dog stops to look around, smell and notice life, I should too! 
Dogs are constantly taking in their surroundings, smelling other dogs, people, food, memories.. they watch birds, squirrels and gawk at the tall trees. 

If you ever go on a walk with me and the dogs, be prepared to stop often and hear me say, 
"Don't tug on the leash just yet... Let's look around at all the details here."


  1. Your day sounds lovely, my dear! My days vary and sometimes I wish I had more to do. I know I can create more to do, but then I get overwhelmed and stop everything. It's a vicious cycle, one I WILL stop. Right now I am looking for a morning job, preferably only three days a week. I know it's very specific. Haha. We shall see!

    I love posts like this that let me get a glimpse into other artists days. :)

  2. Very lovely photos<3
    I hope one day to work from home too, you're very inspiring!
    I wish it wasn't so snowy and cold here so I could go and enjoy nature without freezing my behind off(:


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