Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming Changes and This Week's Lunar Forecast

There are some changes under way.. I'm taking a brief step back from teach local classes to prepare for an art show. (Details coming soon!) So, I will no longer be offering local classes. I may offer in person classes again in the Spring along with e-courses.. but we will see. For now I'm focusing on finishing up the Spirit De La Lune deck and the Tree Talker Tarot.

I am also changing the dates of my newsletter! It will now go out on Mondays.. or Moondays. I will send it out and then include it on the blog as well. The newsletter will include a pdf download of the forecast.. but the blog will save them under the Astrology tab under my header.

Lunar Forecast for 1-12-15

The Moon plays an important role in our lives. She is ruler of our emotions and feelings as well as all the water on this planet. The Moon spends roughly 2 ½ days in each sign, and takes 28 days to travel through all of the signs of the zodiac. As she visits each house, a different emotional state is also visited. By being in tune with the moon we can get a good handle on our emotions, and know what to expect and how to cope with the changes.  The time zone in this Lunar forecast is US Mountain Time. There are also some major astrological aspects included in this Forecast.

Today the moon is in Libra all day. The Libra moon brings in the need for balance and harmony. Relationships and communications are in focus.  We begin to pay more attention to the people around us. However, your ability to make decisions may suffer. Important decisions are best postponed for another day. Mars the planet of action also enters intuitive Pisces today and will stay there until February 19th. You will be able to accomplish many things when you heart leads the way. Cultivate your inner spiritual warrior by taking action with compassion and purpose. Rather than fighting with your head, use your heart.
On Tuesday the 13th the Moon will be Void of Course from 2:46am until 4:43 pm. Void of Course is when the moon is in limbo between the signs. Plans can often go awry during such a time. It is believed that anything undertaken during a VOC will bring no tangible results. Keep an open mind during this day.  The Moon will transition into Scorpio after 4:43 pm. There is an increase in all emotions with a Scorpio moon. Sexuality and sensuality go up, and emotions seem more powerful during this time. Venus in Aquarius will sextile Uranus bringing in some adventure to your romance life. You and someone special may have an unexpected romantic evening. Air and Fire signs will benefit most from this aspect.
Wednesday the 14th the Moon will be in Scorpio. When the moon is in Scorpio the subconscious becomes very active. Emotions feel more intense. Intuition is on the increase and the mind feels a little sharper. Mercury in Aquarius will be at a friendly sextile with Uranus. This brings in an onset of new ideas! In combination of the moon in Scorpio your mind will be active and sparked with new thoughts and ideas. Be sure to write them down or act on them now. 
Thursday the 15th  the moon remains in Scorpio until 4:51 pm, when we will experience a VOC. Mars in Pisces will square off with Saturn in Sagittarius. Today you may experience difficulties in getting things done. Frustration and resistance might leave you tempted to give up on your goals. Today would be a good day to take the day off from your worries and stresses. Push through the frustration and remember these feelings of frustration never last.
Friday the 16th the moon will be in Sagittarius. Optimism and generosity will be on the increase breathing in a bit of fresh air from yesterday’s resistance. Today is a good day for large scale plans. These days are favorable for study, work, teaching and expanding your mind. The Moon will not stay in Sagittarius after today, so do what you can to accomplish the things you need to on this day!
On Saturday the 17th the moon will transition out of Sagittarius and into VOC around 12:25pm. Plans may fall through on this day. Keep an open mind on this day and go with the flow. Resistance causes more resistance.
            Sunday the 18th the moon will transition into Capricorn just in time to get you back on track. The Capricorn moon brings in formality and strictness. Self-control comes easy at this time. This is a good time to plan projects as well as continue hard work. In this period you can get a lot accomplished!

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