Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Coming Changes, Updates and This Week's Lunar Forecast

I've been a bit absent here.. but for good reason. I've been spending so much time in the studio preparing for an art show this coming February. I'm hoping to release the Tarot Deck around this time too, so it's pretty important I'm working my butt off in the studio. Don't worry though, I'm not over working myself. In fact, I haven't "worked" in two days, because I know that taking care of myself is more important. 
I wake up, do some yoga, drink some tea and check my planner. Yesterday the moon was just not compatible for me to get work done. We were in a Void of Course all day in Cancer. Emotions were running high, and productivity was running low. In fact many things that I tried to do became frustrating and just didn't work out. So, I took the day off. I cleaned the house, and kept my atmosphere cozy. 

The more I continue to learn astrology the more I discover the moon's influence over me. It's an attunement really, when you become in tune with the moon, it has greater impact over you. Last night during the Full Moon ceremony, we discussed the moon's influence on us. 

I've really been researching astrology and it's starting to click. Like when reading Tarot clicked for me.. that was intense. I had always enjoyed Tarot, and I practiced it often, with the guidebooks and flash cards, but it just never clicked. Until one night I had a dream from a past life, and bam the next day I knew Tarot. It just clicked. I haven't needed a guide book since! That's what is happening with Astrology. So many "ah ha" moments lately. I'm still very novice here, and don't claim to know everything.. but I am going to start offering more of my Astrological knowledge and services here including birth charts and weekly Lunar Forecasts. 

I'm also making some changes to my teaching schedule. I will still be teaching Tarot and Intuitive card readings but the location will be changing. I will no longer be teaching Lunar Rhythms the same way.. It's still a bit in the air, but I'm most likely going to be hosting New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies. I will also be offering ways to have a Moon Ceremony online, or at least gather some New Moon and Full Moon intentions for my Crystal Intention Grid. 

I'm still working out all the details on the business plans for all of this. Ideas are flowing a bit, but nothing is set in stone, which is often the way I like it. Things will fall into place as they need to. But right now, I've got my mind occupied with art and getting paintings and illustrations done by February. 

I will announce the Art Show in a few weeks or so and put up some links to purchase tickets. Those who buy tickets, but won't be able to attend the show. AKA my lovely supports across the internet will receive a print of their choice in exchange for a "ticket." I'll explain it all later. Don't worry. 

This post has been all over the place. But, my brain is pretty scattered with lots of creative ideas and planning. I need to get to work, but I haven't posted here in so long! So, I figured I would fill everyone in on a quick update on the craziness that is going on in my studio and my life lately. 

I did want this post to be an astrology themed post as it's filed under the astrology section. I'm including the Lunar Forecast for this week. The Lunar Forecast is written by me for this specific week. It includes some major planetary aspects, but mostly where the moon is at, and it's location in the zodiac.

Lunar Forecast

The Moon has a huge effect on our emotions and feelings. Our emotions set a tone for our daily lives. The Moon spends roughly 2 ½ days in each sign, and takes 28 days to travel through all of the signs of the zodiac. As she visits each house, a different emotional state is also visited. By being in tune with the moon we can get a good handle on our emotions, and know what to expect and how to cope with the changes.
Today the moon transitions into Leo early in the morning. Leo brings in the desire to be noticed and appreciated. You will feel more open to expressing your emotions. When the moon is in Leo our mood is usually joyful and cheerful with the subconscious desire to be seen and heard.
On Wednesday the 7th  the moon will remain in Leo. The Leo energy is a creative one. Your desire and ability to create will be high this day. It’s a good day to organize and plan gatherings and celebrations as well as plan creative endeavors.  It’s best to avoid surgeries on the heart, ribs, spine and spleen during this time. It’s a good time to be kind to your heart through meditation and healing. Be careful to not over stress with worries on a Leo moon.
Thursday the 8th moon will be Void of Course until about 4 pm when it will transition into Virgo. Attention towards detail is on the increase and cleanliness and neatness is a priority. This can flow very well with the creative planning from the day before. Now is a good time to undertake routine and painstaking work.
Friday the 9th the moon remains in Virgo this day. It’s a good day to search for and correct errors within your work and your home. It’s a great day to cleanse your home and start a cleanse within your body. When the Moon is in Virgo our bodies become less tolerant to low grade foods and harmful substances. The body goes through a cleansing process so a new diet or a cleanse is supported by this Lunar energy.
On Saturday the 10th the moon will be Void of Course from about 9 am until the end of the day. Keep an open mind and go with the flow this day. Some plans may fall through. It is not recommended to start new projects this day, and plan for extra time when leaving or arriving.  
            Sunday the 11th the moon will transition into Libra around 5 am. Sociability will be on the increase with a desire for mutual understandings and good conversations. Partnerships are in focus. This is a good day for social gatherings, celebrations and gathering with friends and family. The ability to make decisions may suffer on this day as people are often more prone to doubts and hesitations.

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  1. I'm just bursting with joy for you! So much amazingness happening. So much that you have created. Can't wait for that tarot deck. Congrats on the art show!

  2. I love that you posted a lunar forecast - thank you! Hopefully the creative energy gives me a boost tomorrow :) Also, I know nothing about Tarot but I keep seeing blog posts about it... maybe it's a sign I need to learn more?

  3. I love your blog, I love your art, I love all the astrology information, I love the newsletter - thank you so much! I feel like you teach and write in such a way that you make things easier to understand(thinking newsletter/astrology). I only wish I lived near you so I could attend your classes - it's so hard to find like souls. Good luck with everything, I am excited to see everything continue and unfold beautifully!
    tinydropsofrain - on instagram :)

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