Friday, November 28, 2014

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I can't believe Thanksgiving was yesterday! What a year it's been... Time has FLOWN by, and yet so much was accomplished! I can't wait for this next year. I can feel it in my bones.. It's going to be amazing. I wanted to kick off this holiday season with a large sale. I'm offering 30% off everything in the shop. New prints, originals, necklaces, and even sale items. This sale is in honor of all of the current sale madness going on...
I think supporting small business is so important! Yesterday my little sister saw a beautiful ring in an add. She asked about it and decided to first check amazon for a cheaper sterling silver one. I told her to check Etsy first. I explained that when you shop on Etsy, or another small shop she is supporting an individual person following their passions. They hand crafter the ring with intention, they lovingly took photos, and list it. And they await their items to sell for both the money, and the joy of their creation finding a new home. It's an exciting process to be an indie artist.. and to shop indie is so important. That money goes to their children, their pets, themselves, and other indie artists most likely!
Any ways, we looked on Etsy, and found the exact ring she had wanted, cheaper than the ads, in sterling silver, and straight from someone's hands.

I'm not sure if she bought the ring... but the point of the story is to shop small, local or handmade!

Here is a link to my shop.  Discount Code: CYBER30

I've also decided to do a sale on readings! I've reduced my reading price quite a bit for the season.. in fact some discounts are up to 50% off! I'm so happy to be offering readings this year! I offer several types of readings, from Angel readings to dream interpretation, to in depth tarot spreads to simple 3 card spreads. All different prices and options. If you want a reading in person, my reading room is now set up! (Pictures soon.) I also do skype readings, email readings, phone readings, and even facebook chat readings.
The Tarot Page is here, or you could simply email me about it. :)

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