Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Threads - Summer Days

I'm only a fan of summer when it's winter... and during winter I wish it was summer. But I never wish fall or spring would end! The only thing I love about summer are the belly shirts, flowers and fruits and vegetables are in season!
I really really don't like heat. I've always been sensitive to the it, and I over heat easily or get heat stroke. Being self employed this summer has been awesome, because I get to stay in the house with the swamp cooler all day.. even though the house sometimes gets up to 85 during the day, it's better than sitting in the hot car. I do love to go out in the evenings and explore. The dogs love going on walks and so do I. The river is a favorite location to explore with Sterling, we have yet to take the dogs since they don't like water.

I'm pretty proud to say that my entire outfit was thrifted. The bag cost me 1.50 but with some sewing skills and fabric glue I was able to add all sorts of lace, ribbon fringe and even pom poms. Everything down to the boots and hat are thrifted. Sterling and I are both trying to not buy any brand new clothes. We like the "hunt" for clothes that are out style, and we like being environmentally friendly with buying local. It also makes a huge difference in our spending!
My entire outfit cost about $15.00, which means my money gets to go other places like buying good healthy food! Something I would rather spend money on anyways.

I was also asked to be a part of the Splurge Vs Save  with Credit Card Insider and this outfit is the perfect one to compare. Below is my "style inspiration" for this outfit.. and while everything in this outfit is thrifted, I know the brands where they came from are reasonably cheap, making this quite the save on my part.. even if they were bought in the store!

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