Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Controlled Chaos

Last week I pulled an all nighter to finish this painting for the LTD Art Gallery.  The painting will be featured in the Fantasy in the City Show in Seattle. It opens in a few days, and I was kind of putting off working on the painting for way too long. So, I pulled an all nighter to finish it, because the next day or so, I had to ship it! I was pretty stressed, and when it came to framing it and filling out forms I came up with the first name I could think of. "Controlled Chaos." I felt like a cliche artist at that point... Hair was a mess from no sleep, paint all over me, stressed, frazzled and I had to come up with a name. So I picked a pretty cliche style name for the painting, but it seriously fits! 
The stars are done in a chaotic fashion. I love painting galaxies. Each little star is painted on, but in no order. I get to kind of go crazy with the stars. It's fun, and turns out beautifully chaotic. But those little city lights? They had to be roughly the same size, distanced equally, and very controlled. But, when looking at it, it looks rather chaotic. 
As cliche as the name is, it fits.

In the last post, I mentioned how I bought myself new paint.. In college I was using a slightly cheaper brand, and never really evolved to a more professional brand. I know that the materials don't make the artist, like the oven or stove doesn't make a chef, or the camera doesn't make a photographer... but it certainly helps.
I decided to upgrade my paint, painting station, and even my art boxes. I store all of my painting gear in vintage or antique boxes so when they are closed they still match my house. (I'm a genius, I know.)
Upgrading my paint has been fun, because in life upgrades happen that mark a new chapter in life.. Sometimes it comes in the form of a better working car, or a bigger house... for me, this new chapter is coming from new paint, mediums, and brushes.
I can't wait to get to know this paint more, but as I stated yesterday.. I'm trying to get back to that Tarot Deck of mine! (And a few other special projects)
Coincidentally, the card I'm working on is the 4 of Wands. New chapters, celebrations, gifts, good news, and abundance especially of the creative nature. The card for balance, harmony and completion.

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  1. crazy awesome! Such an exciting time! And its true with about upgrades! A few weeks ago I hit a few little milestones and started upgrading the shop; its fun and feels like a breath of fresh air! Great things are in store for you, how could they not be? :) I am soooo pumped about this Tarot Deck, sign me up! I want the first deck! Are you signing them? :)

  2. Oooohh I haven't thought about signing them. I probably will sign something with the deck, but not each card.. I'm thinking of doing a kickstarter or an indie gogo where I will sell the decks, and some options will be in woodburned boxes, some will be in little bags, but I'll most likely have an extra card or the booklet will be signed. :) I'm SO excited.. but it's been so tedious.

  3. WOWZERS dude, that is worth the all nighter. I love your descriptions of how you did the stars and city lights.
    Wait a minute, *I* want the first deck! I thought I was the one who started bugging you to make a Tarot set awhile back. Haha, I'm so vain. And selfish. As long as they happen and I get a set I'll be happy for all of us. ;P
    Actually, that's one of the awesome things about creativity- the way it catches on and is shared by all. I try to tell myself that when people take photos of my custom tattoos in to shops and end up with copycat pieces. It's flattering, right?
    Boxes or bags, either way I can't wait to see them all of their printed glory! I vote for a set of Angel cards next!!!


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