Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It's been hard to blog this past week. I think it's because of a decision I made a few weeks ago. I decided to really limit my time online. I noticed that if I was ever bored, I would grab my phone and scroll facebook, then get on the computer, scroll a few pointless websites, put the computer down for a bit, then grab my phone and repeat. I thought about all of the hours I was wasting, all the things I was giving up... how mindless I became while I held my phone. It's not all bad. Phones are great tools, a way of connecting to others around you. A way to access knowledge, but that shouldn't be abused. So I made a bold move of deleted all social network apps from my phone. I still have instagram because I rarely just scroll on there. Plus I love taking photos and posting them! So, since facebook, twitter, and tumblr are now off my phone I no longer use my phone as much! I figure that if someone really needs to get a hold of me, they already have my phone number and can call me. And the thing is, no one really ever needs to get a hold of me. I rarely text or call. So I now feel totally comfortable to leave my phone at home. I've also stopped sleeping with my phone in the bedroom. I used to sleep with that thing under my pillow! I would wake up in the night to check my email and read facebook messages.. and I used it as an alarm. In the morning my alarm would go off, and I would try to wake up by checking emails or facebook, but it resulted in falling back asleep and the cycle of snooze, scroll, sleep was in motion.
So, I chose to get rid of it. No social media on the phone, no phone at the table, no phone in the bedroom, no phone during a conversation, and it's been great! It's made me want to get out more, focus on myself and my own progress, and being creative more. It's been a great few weeks, but it's left me not wanting to be around the computer much.. Which is also good. So I may be blogging a little bit less, but I'll keep you updating with the new things coming out. Like this 2 of Wands for the Tarot Deck.

And a new painting coming to the shop soon! First it needs to be properly scanned in. 
I'll post more photos soon, but first it's time to unplug and get some creative work done. 

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