Monday, June 16, 2014

Magical Mixtures and a Chance to Win One!

I've been all sorts of spacey today! I had some crazy dreams last night and can't seem to shake them! Does that ever happen to you? Anyways I've been meaning to do a blog post for a little while! I've just been busy and scattered lately.. Especially today. Like I mentioned, I woke from a crazy dream and am still feeling the effects. I saged my house, and myself. I showered, did yoga, and meditated to try to shake this energy off.. The dream left me feeling scared, vulnerable and panicky. I needed to be calm centered and relaxed. I'm a pretty big fan of herbs and oils as treatment, especially when it comes to feeling calm and protected. When I finally realized what I was needing, I heard the call coming from my bedroom, where I keep a jar of Vega from Gypsy Moth Sol . I smoothed the golden lotion into my hands and breathed in the smell. I felt a bit calmer. This lotion is infused with Labradorite energy, one of my very favorite stones.. this lotion is protective, calming, and grounding. Also, I protect it like the gold that it is. (It has a gold shimmer to it!)

This post wasn't meant to even be a giveaway, but after talking to Katelyn about wanting to feature her lotions on Talk2thetrees she offered to giveaway one of my favorite lotions! Vega has been a favorite of mine since the moment it came in the mail. Every single one of her items is amazing, and you can feel the magic power that comes from her packages.

Sterling saw Elemental Body Scrub in the bathroom and asked about it. He asked where I got it, and mentioned that he feels that jar's energy in the house. Every time he passed it, he asked "Have you mentioned this stuff on your blog yet? I feel you need to..." It's a body scrub with the elements in mind to keep you balanced and help you scrub off the old to welcome the new. Gypsy Moth Sol's mixtures are so magical, it has Sterling asking me to share it with you guys...

Another of my favorites is this. It's Coffee Butt Butter, and it's pretty amazing. I told Sterling not to touch that one. That one is mine. But, he already knows.. not to get in the way of me and my coffee. She's currently sold out of this one, but I think she may be accepting preorders.

I currently have jars placed strategically around my house. Like little potions if I ever need to alter my reality just a bit, nourish my skin, and nourish my soul... this is the stuff.
I wasn't paid to make this post, and when she sent these she wasn't expecting a review, but I just can't help it. This stuff is amazing, and I wanted to share that with you all!

Plus, she is having a sale on her herbal tinctures!  So go grab some! They've been made with clear intentions, in a cleansed and crystal charged environment.. and they are currently super cheap. So, go grab some!
But also save some for me...

Katelyn and I have been friends for a little while now, we met via Etsy I think.. it's been fun staying connected to others and watching them grow. I've watched with excitement as Katelyn has grown into this magical witchy goddess woman and I can't wait until the day we meet in person. (I'm sure it will happen!) She has an energy and authenticity about her, you can tell she is trying to live her Dharma.. and there is nothing more beautiful than that!
She is also an amazing photographer and creates the most hauntingly beautiful images.

Enter to win a jar of the lovely Vega lotion. Be sure to check out her art prints, and her magic shop. I promise you won't regret it.

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  1. I discovered Gypsy Moth Sol through your Instagram and I just want to say a big thank you. Katelyn is fantasically inspiring and her stuff is awesome! I have an extensive list of things I can't wait to try. Thank you :)

  2. This sounds absolutely divine! And I love the product pictures in her shop too by the way<3


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