Friday, June 13, 2014

Riding The Wave

I can't believe this year is half over already. My goal and word for this year was "One." A chance for me to focus on myself, and slow things way down. I've taken each day as it is and focused on myself and being whole and One. I've been doing things that make me happy. Like buying myself flowers, and a new yoga mat... dipping my pretzels in nutella, and adding mint to my water. Wearing my paintings clothes all day, and doing what makes me happy all day... because if I don't do it today, when would I do it?
I've been focusing on riding the wave of life, and taking the ups and downs as they come when they come. Enjoying each moment, and not dreading the falls, or looking forward to the rises.. seeing the beauty in the falls and enjoying the climb back up.
I've also been working on my body, loving it for how it is, accepting it, but still finding room for improvement. I exercise more now than ever and love my body more each day as it get healthier and healthier.
In these last 6 months I've noticed substantial improvement in my life. My mind has been cleared of every day stresses. My life is simpler, yet my days are full and enriched.
Life is simple, and life is good.

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  1. I never commented your blog before...but I want to say now, you are really a source of inspiration! Your way of life and creativity are admirable. Keep going! ;-)


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