Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Threads - Before The Snow

My little town is now covered in snow. 
The golden glow of fall is gone. 
Replaced by the blues and grays of winter.
And the incredible chill. 
Don't forget that chill. 

My poor pups are practically pupsicles. 
Little miserable frozen pups. 
So, I brought out the heating pads, the sweaters and the little rice packs. 

Today's outfit post is brought to you by fall.
When the leaves were golden, and still falling
And I was a bit warmer.. 

Sweater - Nowistyle
Leggings - Nowistyle
Legwarmers - Selfmade
Boots - Nowistyle
Ring - XOEjewelry 

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  1. You are so gorgeous and these photos turned out so well! I'd said it's my favorite so far, you look so happy :)


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