Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Slow Motion

Today has been weird. I've been moving in slow motion it seems. I woke up super late because of a migraine that ranked a ten on the scale of pain. (Anyone else have a pain scale?) Plus, I've got some pretty sore muscles from shoveling yesterday. I should probably work out a bit more so my little muscles don't scream at me every time I try to do hark work..

Because I've been so sore, I feel like have been going in slow motion. The animal's here have had a strange amount of energy. I've got three little fuzzy animals running around the house in circles! And I'm here moving in slow motion... Nubi knocks an ornament off the tree, so Meko runs over to start chewing on it, and Wicket, the police man he is tries to monitor everyone for me by picking fights with anyone who he feels needs it. So everyone is running around like crazy and I'm wobbling around after them reluctant to leave my heating pad... So, today has been a slow motion day. I'm an extremely dynamic person and I like a lot of quick movement and action... so I'm trying to be okay with the fact that I am moving so slow today.

Though, yesterday was a slow day too... and an inkastrophe. I went to fill all my orders, but ta-da... my printer ran out of ink, and my fine art paper! All at the same time. No problem. I could go get more.... So, I went to the local ink and printing store, where I plan to one day get my lovely continuous ink printer. So, I chat to the friendly and knowledgeable printer guy. I ask him for the ink I need, tell him what kind of printer I had and everything... My bad for not actually checking the box he put in the bag, he gave me the wrong ink! So now I have to wait until I can go back, try to get a refund on the opened ink, and go hunting for the right ink. So, I'm feeling extremely set back even more.

I'm hoping all orders will be out tomorrow. So, I'm sorry if you are waiting on an order from me... I promise they will be out before Friday!
 So for now, let's enjoy this peaceful photos I snapped a few days ago and hope it looks like this tomorrow without all the ornaments thrown off to be chewed.

Also, I'm hoping to put some presents under there real soon.

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  1. I hope you feel better Rachael! I'm sure everything will seem less crazy soon. With the holidays here everything can definitely be a bit hectic!


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