Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The First Snow

Today we had our first snow of the Holiday Season! Nothing like a fluffy blanket of snow to get you in the festive mood. And we got a lot of it. Meko has never even seen snow, so this was a first for him too! It took a lot of coaxing to get him out of the house. I had to go into the snow too in order for him to follow me. He doesn't like it one bit, but he started to play in it a little. I just might have to go buy the pups some booties. And hats, scarves and sweaters... What? I might not have kids! These are my children!

After getting the puppies to go potty, I decided it was time to hang the Christmas lights. I'm actually very disappointed I didn't get them done earlier, before the snow fell.. because now it's near impossible to hang the lights around my windows. It's just too cold and wet for anything to stick.

So, I decided just to do the front of my house... I brought a chair outside and made eye contact with the cable-guy parked in front of my house. The eye contact said it all. "If you see me fall off this chair into the snow, you are only allowed 3 seconds of laughter before you come rescue me." The lights were hung with care indeed. Now I can say I'm mostly decorated for Christmas.

But, with all the snow... the walk and the driveway had to be shoveled. And 2 hours... later I'm not feeling so Christmassy anymore! I'm chilled to the bone, wanting hot cocoa, and in need of a good back rub. My back was hurting from moving that super awesome but very heavy entertainment center into the house.. and this sure didn't help. I shoveled my neighbors walkway and driveway too... since he helped carry the entertainment center in when he saw me sobbing on it in the fetal position..

No more snow for a while... K? Cause I'm tired, cold and in pain.
But, to get back into the festive mood, I shared a DIY over at Marie Darling.
It's super simple, and looks great too!

And I'm off to brave the icy roads for some shop supplies... and possibly some gourmet Hot Cocoa, cause I kinda think I deserve it.

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  1. We had our first snow today too. I am stuck here at school all day, hoping my love is home making a fire and maybe doing the christmas decorations. =]

  2. I would love to have some snow where I'm at, but the weather decided to get warmer this week instead of snowing. I hope your back feels better! I know how it feels to lift heavy furniture!

  3. Hahaha. Ok, so I was browsing apartments on Sunday and I saw a cute little house with a basement apartment available. I thought it was yours, because I remember you posted a picture of your porch one time and you had like triangle flags and I thought it was so cute that I made some! But I didn't think it was actually your house cause what are the odds? Anyways, I see the flags again in these photos!! Are the basement people moving out? We can't move right now, sadly, but it would be cool to know the people above us are chill! BTW, if you ever need to move and sell your contract... seriously let me know, because I will move there in a heartbeat.

  4. EMILY! YES! My basement IS for rent!! It's a one bedroom, and it's pretty cute! I think they are getting in new carpet soon. MY wood floors are pretty squeaky though.. and my doggies bark a lot. But that would be fun to be actual neighbors!!


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