Monday, December 2, 2013


So I had planned on a nice relaxing weekend. I was planning on working on orders, getting some paintings done, decorating for Christmas, and making some gifts for Christmas. How much of that actually happened? Not much.

First of all, that video Sterling made of us preparing Thanksgiving is done and awesome! Check it out. It is a 2 minute time lapse of 4,600 photos of us working on Thanksgiving. It's pretty awesome.

So, what exactly got in the way of my relaxing weekend?

This beauty.
I'm not one for liking electronics, or TV's or entertainment centers.. but this is something to be proud of.
Okay, so what happened was this.. 
Driving home, on my way to get work done, I saw this. 
Backstory: I have been wanting a larger entertainment center, with the option of putting up a curtain or a door to hide the TV. That way, the TV won't be the center of attention. Anyways, driving home, I saw this huge ... thing... We are pretty sure it is a headboard, and a shelf. But, put together, it looks like an awesome entertainment center. With room for a door or curtain! I have been looking at thrift stores, but I didn't see any for under 50.00, and 50.00 is way too much to spend on any furniture if you ask me. But, this one, a few blocks from my house was FREE. 
I can't really say we "snagged" this. 
It probably weighs about 400 pounds. I'm not even kidding. 

But, we risked life and limb for it.

Don't worry, we only had to drive a few blocks. 
Sterling's dad came and helped us move it, and carry it. 

We got it back to my house, and moved it into the back yard. 
We spent 6.00 on black spray paint, and christmas lights, which were also painted black. 
We ran into a tiny problem with the TV being to short, but we found a mini little shelf at Ikea for 8.99, that we sprayed black to match.

The next struggle was getting it in the house. It was in two pieces, so we could try to move it one at a time. But this day, it was just me and Sterling. And I'm pretty weak. We finally got it into the front yard... but I was exhausted after moving it 50 feet. We still had the front porch steps, then lifting it the larger piece onto the other piece when we got both into the house... 

I think me climbing on top, curling into the fetal position and refusing to go any further was a hint to the next door neighbor, who came over and helped Sterling move it in for me. 
He told me I could just supervise. I'll also bring him cookies. 

The entire house had to be rearranged because of this thing! I would like to put up a curtain or some cupboard doors to hide the TV, but, those pretty twinkly lights kind of draw attention to the TV, exactly opposite of what I wanted... But, it looks cool. I'll figure it out eventually.

Because of the rearranging, I ended up with a whole new studio!

It looks the same, but this one is in it's own room, with lots more space. I'm pretty excited. Because now I'm a bit behind on orders! But, today is also Cyber Monday, and the last day of my sale!

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  1. "I saw this huge.... thing" Hahaha, that made me laugh. I absolutely love it and I love that you added those lights. I just bought a bunch of wood furniture for my brother and I am getting sooo excited to paint it now!

  2. That entertainment center just looks amazing! The best finds are always free! I found a big desk only the next street over and it was free! I had to sand it and paint it, but it was just what I needed!

  3. It looks so awesome! The best things in life are free!


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