Friday, November 29, 2013

A Magical Evening

I get it from my mom. Presentation is important. All the dishes must be in a nice dish. The table should be set fancy. The decor should match accordinglyand of course... candle light.

That's what makes it magical... A very valuable lesson.

Sterling and I cooked our Thanksgiving meal together this year. 
He took a time-lapse video, and we both took photos.This was our first ever Thanksgiving together, and it had to be perfect.

It totally was.

We sat down to eat, and sighed at the hard work we did all day, and at the beauty of it. 

The night before, I made the pies, the fruit salad, and the sauce. Just like my mom would have done. 
I also decided we needed a centerpiece. And from cheap things around the house and a few fake flowers from the craft store, I put together a fall themed centerpiece. (I'm really glad I worked at a flower shop last year!) 
We didn't have turkey. We had chicken.. and it was the best. I will share the recipe sometime soon. It was delicious. 

Even the dogs got a special Thanksgiving meal. I gave them Blue Buffalo Home-cooked Stew. With real carrots and potatoes. They loved it. 
And don't worry, the kitty got a special treat too. I just didn't get photos.. It was too dark!

We took lots of pictures of just about everything else... but here are my favorite ones. 

I hope to put Sterling's video up soon! 

And a few hours later we had pie. 
I made some mini pumpkin pies, and a special chocolate mousse pudding pie for Sterling. 

And we washed it all down with Which Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa. 

I know it's time for me to write a post of all the things I'm thankful for, and why being thankful is important.. So, I invite you over to Lotus Tarot to read my post there. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are in the states, and a wonderful Thursday everywhere else. 

To celebrate the weekend, with all the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Sales, I have decided to host a sale of my own. 
One of the biggest I've ever done! 

I'll be posting more about it throughout the weekend, but here is the first sale ad! 

Enter the code THANKU35 for 35% off everything in BOTH shops. Guys, this includes my Sale Section! Everything has already been reduced to 50% of, so now you can take an additional 35% off. I'm seriously trying to clear out studio space, so once things are gone, or Janurary starts, most of these paintings will be taken down for good. 

Art Shop 
Hat Shop

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