Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Threads - Dog Days

Sterling and I LOVE thrift stores. It's actually one of our "problems". If we are ever bored, we go to a thrift store. We actually have awesome luck. We both find perfect clothes that match our style completely, and we find perfect accents for our home. We usually end up going once a week and spending under 30.00 each time. We actually talked about how we could budget our monthly spending, and we talked about not going to the thrift store as often. We decided to go once a month, but ended up going back last night.  We lack self control when it comes to thrift stores... but we did end up coming to the compromise that every time we do go, we will bring in a bag of donations. A few weeks ago, Sterling and I went and I was able to snag this amazing dress and hat. 

The dress is a vintage shirt dress, with a dog head print! 
Chihuahuas, yorkies, pugs, and french bull dogs. 

And I found this beautiful burgundy felt hat there too. 

The best part? The dress was 3.99, and the hat was 1.99.
If you are going to have a shopping problem, the thrift store is a good place to have it. 

Dog Dress - Thrifted 
Red Felt Hat - Thrifted 
Cardigan - Nowistyle
Shoes - Forever 21 

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  1. Lucky! I never have any luck! Which thrift stores do you go to around here?

  2. We go to the Savers in Orem, and the DI in Provo. I've heart the Savers in Draper is amazing! I have yet to go... some day!! But yeah, we go at least once a week.. We have a little routine that we follow, and we always check for new things, since we are used to seeing the same old stuff it's pretty easy. We can look at the books and see the new things. But yeah.. we go SO often they know us by name.


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