Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Threads - Lace and Spikes

I'm a huge fan of mixing textures and styles. I love the way spikes look with pearls, and lace with army style boots. So, putting this outfit together was quite delightful. 

I'm sorry this post has taken me so long to get up! My computer has been slow as ever lately! Especially when photoshop is open. It goes at snail speed, and freezes. It's super annoying and has been causing a lot of troubles lately. But, this is finally up! 

Possibly one of my favorite outfits every. Tough Girly 

Cardigan  - Romwe
Shirt - Forever21
Skirt - Chicnova
Lace leggings - Romwe
Boots - Thrifted
Spike Necklace - Chicnova
Pearl Necklace - Gifted
Bird Skull Ring - Chicnova 

And! There is a great sale going on at Romwe again! 
Only 48 hours, $7.99 and up! 

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  1. She just had a great look. If you want to know more about these types of fashion, you can visit on

  2. it took me 5 pictures to find the 'spikes' hahaha i am in love with those tights with messy boots, looks awesome!!! this is why im so happy 90's grunge is back!!! because i also like the contrast!


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