Friday, October 4, 2013

Moment By Moment

i woke up this morning to a 62 degree house.
the heater is currently broken, and my landlord is notorious for taking forever to fix things.
it even snowed last night. i got out of bed, quickly put on my wool socks and turned on the heated blanket i just knew i had to have. which reminds me of a story i need to tell you next week.
i got up, turned on the blanket, and both animals jumped to snuggle up under the blanket. 

i've called, and emailed the people to come fix it, but it did take 2 months to get the swamp cooler fixed. so i have my doubts. If you have any tips on staying warm in a cold cold house, do let us know. 
 last night was full of weird dreams. i saw on facebook earlier, that i'm not the only one who experienced that. lots of people had some crazy dreams. maybe it's the new moon? 
anyways, last night i dreamed about a man, and how he died. i woke up because my ear was itching like crazy, like someone had put their finger in it! i woke up from that to hear my door beads move like someone ran out of my bedroom. it was nuts as wicket snuggles with me, and anubis sleeps in the bathroom. (he can't contain his kitty powers at night and runs around the house if left out...) 
interesting stuff. i'm going to need to take time to write down all my dreams. i remember at least 7 from last night. 

i guess this post is just a talking post. i don't talk to people much. working from home can get pretty lonely. but i'm happy to say i've had a lot of orders this month, and my tarot readings have been good, and i'm very happy to announce i am able to pay rent this month! hah. the thing with working from home, is it's an adventure, and some months are slow. 
i know that if I freak out about it, i'll just worry. instead, i've been taking it one day at a time. it's been nice. 
like today, i'm going to spend the afternoon reading, i'm going to go pay rent, then run a few errands. pick up some shipping supplies, yarn, and maybe some paint. and tonight possibly do a new moon ceremony, and paint. 
it's going to be lovely. i love focusing on moments. 

thanks for letting me talk, i'll get back to staying warm. 

oh ps! this just arrived on my doorstep! stamps of MY art! yay! 
giveaway coming soon!

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  1. i love writing down my dreams and then reading them later. i've found that since i've started trying to remember my dreams, i seem to be able to remember most all of them, while other people can never remember what they've dreamed about. maybe it's an exercise ha ha.

  2. I've actually read that that is one of the best ways to remember your dreams!

  3. I tend to have weird dreams. Sometimes I remember them, sometime I don't but I remember the feeling of it? It that makes sense. I feel ya on the being lonely thing and on the opposite scale of coldness! Our AC went out yesterday and it's 93! I called our insurance and they said its only covered if hit by lightning?! Lol not sure what we will do since getting a new unit is several thousand dollars and we really aren't in a place that we can afford such a high expense. Yikes! I hope they fix your heater soon. Have some cocoa and stay warm!

  4. TOTALLY makes sense! Oh no on the AC! that has happened to me and it's the worst!! There are some homemade ac units you could try.. I am sorry! Good luck!

  5. I've been documenting what I dream, as best I can. I think it's definitely an exercise, like Emily said! :) I hope your heater will get fixed soon! We haven't had any snow yet, and it's been a little chilly, but chilly weather is my favorite. It's about 39○ here right now! <3

  6. I try to stay warm by drinking lots of tea and eating hot soup, and curling up under blankets. I had a zombie dream last night, and I wasn't very good at fighting them.

  7. I can relate. I have a disease that pretty much keeps me home bound. It does get really lonely really fast.

    I don't know much about cold weather, but what about leaving your stove on? It certainly produces heat, and it would be better than nothing. Sometimes here in Florida, that's all we do to warm up the house in the winter, though we usually have some sort of gluten free bread baking it in, too.

    I have strange dreams so often, but I have been having more lately. I didn't know it was the new moon. Maybe that could have had something to do with it.

  8. what crap!!!!! i would close all doors to rooms that are not VITAL to be in, like baracade yourself. tack up blankets if there is no door (like if you have an open kitchen or something). buy a couple space heaters, i've got one at work that was like $12 from walmart. keep yourself in your cave and venture out only in search of food or bathroom breaks! lol i live in arkansas and we are notorious for long periods of loss of power, so this is all from experience!!!
    i am the queen of weird dreams. i think creative minds have creative dreams bc you can't just turn off awesome!! lol most people i know dont even remember their dreams!! last night i dreamt i was shopping at target for pool toys and games and i was carrying somebody's baby. why do i need pool noodles and cool lights in october and whose kid did i have???. my husbands alarm went off and i said 'shhhhhh, he is sleeping' !! hahaha like i was dreaming and awake at the same time. weird!!! i've tried to keep a journal of my dreams, but they are filled w so much detail that it takes forever to write, i just give up. my hubby is usually gets a rundown, alwasy starts with- i had the weirdest dream last night!!! they are usually like a tim burton meets quentin tarantino type vibe.


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