Monday, October 7, 2013

Dog Problems... Meet Miko

Guys, I really really do have a bit of a problem! Remember little Kneessa
I found out I couldn't keep so, I found her a great home. That was about a month ago..
Well, the night I met Kneessa, I had a dream of a little puppy sleeping. He had greyish coat and floppy ears. Then I met little Kneessa. She had the floppy ears, and I thought what a coincidence. But, then I found I couldn't keep her. I was pretty sad.
But, since then... My house got put up for sale. Meaning that I will be getting a new landlord... And the possibility of a new pup was a lot higher.
I also heard the downstairs neighbors yelling and screaming a lot. A LOT of swearing, and yelling was happening.. I was a bit curious, so I peaked my head out the window and saw a little greyish puppy with floppy ears. He looked a bit like Mowgli! All the sudden I knew... This little guy was getting yelled at!
I ignored it for a while.. Well, I tried to.
I wanted to go down and ask if the puppy was okay.. ask what was going on, and see if everything was okay... but I just couldn't. I kept thinking of the little grey pup in my dream. I kept having the feeling to go check.. but I couldn't.. I just couldn't think I could go down and ask to see a puppy!

I then got a call from the bankers who own the house. They were trying to get the heater turned on, but the furnace was downstairs, in the neighbors unit... They asked me to go ask if they would be home for the day so the furnace would be fixed.
The perfect opportunity to go ask!

I went downstairs, knocked on the door and asked about the heater.
I casually asked, "Do you have a little puppy?"
She said, "No."
I said, "Oh... I thought I saw a little grey puppy the other day.. He looked just like my pup named Mowgli.. I just wanted to see him."
She then looked around, and opened the door to show a little grey puppy with floppy ears.

I broke down just a bit...
She said, "He's so mean, and not potty trained.. I'm probably going to find him a home soon."

I knew.. There is NO SUCH THING as a mean puppy.. and of COURSE he isn't potty trained!

I replied calmly, "Well, check with me first! I would LOVE to keep him!" (Keep your cool Rachael.. Keep your cool..)

I went upstairs shaken that I had the opportunity to see him! I couldn't stop thinking of how scared he looked in there. How skittish and fearful he was. I sat upstairs for about a few hours... I heard more yelling and screaming. I knew he probably had an accident, or he bit too hard.

Hours passed, and the heater was fixed. Sterling was off work and I said, "Okay, lets go downstairs and see if the heater works, and I will show you the puppy. He looks like Mowgli, he looks like the puppy from my dream!"
So, we went downstairs. I asked if I could come inside to see the puppy.
I picked him up, he licked my nose.
I cried.

The owner said, "You can have him."

I cried more. I asked if she was sure several times.
She said, "Watch out, he's a really mean puppy. He is really mean, really bad. I can't handle him."

I looked around at the messy house. Papers chewed up. A turned over laundry basket was his time out, no toys, no bones, no nothing...

Apparently he came from an animal hoarder house. He was a puppy taken from a house with 87 dogs. He was covered in feces, and given to her.
She said she was about to start school, didn't have time to train him. Never had a puppy before, didn't know how to train him.. was sick of him tearing up her papers and biting her.

I know three things about puppies. They don't come trained. They don't know how hard they bite. And the are NOT mean.

I introduced him to Wicket.. who actually likes him.
(Wicket had a hard time getting to know the little white pup. In fact, his personality changed so much the week I had her! But, Wicket has been great with the little pup.)

Why did I name him Miko? Well, when I got Mowgli I wanted to name him Miko, but my ex wouldn't let me.. So, we kept it with Mowgli. Then I find a little puppy who looks a bit like Mowgli, but his name was Chico, I have always loved the name Miko, and it sounded enough like Miko that I could change his name with ease. 

Wicket's personality hasn't changed at all. He still sleeps in bed with me. He plays with the puppy, he sniffs the puppy. They have had one fight where Wicket showed dominancy, and little Miko was scared silly.. but things have settled down. 

Miko has had a total of 3 accidents in the house in 4 days. I'm really proud. I took the rugs out of the kitchen, and put up a little puppy gate. I've given him his own puppy play room. All tile, no rugs. No opportunity to pee on a rug. (She tried to pad train him.) I put him on the bed for a brief moment, and he peed. So, I learned, he isn't bed trained. The poor puppy can't sleep in bed with me just yet. 

I gave him his own little kennel. A safe den just for him. No one else can bother him in his den. If he gets stressed, he can go hide in his safe place. When he doesn't go potty outside he waits in his kennel. When he gets tired, he sleeps in his kennel. Puppies need space just like we do. 

He has bitten me a few times, but only when we play. Sometimes he plays a little rough, bites too hard, get's scared and bites harder. But, we are working through it. He isn't mean. He's just a baby.

And I'm getting a new home owner, who may let me keep him. Or let me pay another pet deposit. I am hopeful, and in love... 

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  1. I'm happy you get to keep your babes with you. When I left for college I had to leave my Sweeney Todd behind and it broke my heart. When I would come from high school and walk down the road, my dad would open the door and say "Sweeney Dog, where's the bus? Is Teddi on the bus?" and Sweeney knew to look out the window and run out the door and down the road to me. He didn't like fetch; when I showed him a stick he loved it so much that he collected piles of them. We played Piles O' Sticks...I miss him so much and don't get to see him even a quarter as much as I'd like. Spread and share the puppy love<3

  2. Saying such prayers for all of you right now; to be allowed to stay an intact family, for Miko to learn he is safe, loved, and doesn't need to be fearful any more, for all of you. Love & light Rachael!

  3. You are awesome to be so caring and understanding. Also brave to go down there. Poor guy! I'm glad he's got a good home! He looks so cute and happy.

  4. He is just so gorgeous!!! I'm so sad that he had such a horrible start in life, but super glad he will have a much better life with you! I'm sure this is all meant to be, and you'll be allowed to keep him!!!

  5. He's a sweetheart. <3 I hope you'll be able to keep him. <3 I don't think there is ANY breed that is a mean breed, or ANY dog that is a mean dog. Some DO have issues, yes... Just like some people do. But that's so rare, and sometimes can even be helped (just like people take medication.) I believe the only "bad" thing in an animal's training, is the person training them, and how they treat them.

  6. It's very possible Wicket just didn't get along with females. Miko is a cutie!! :) So glad he has you!


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