Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Surprises

The other day I was leaving the house and a little white puppy was walking by. She stopped, looked at me, stopped what she was doing, and RAN over to me full speed. Stopped in front of me and melted down onto her back for love.
I was shocked at such a sweetie. No name tag, no collar, no owner in sight.
I snuggled her for a little while then put her down where she ran into a house.

Yesterday, Sterling was out mowing the lawn, and the same thing happened to him. Little white puppy ran over for loves and snuggles. I went outside and started snuggling the sweet girl too. One neighbor asked if we wanted that dog...
Let's rewind to about one hour before.
I woke up from a nap and said, "you know... now that I work from home, I have time to train a puppy. I could get a new little puppy! But, she would have to be a white chihuahua mix.. maybe I'll just start looking."
So, when our neighbor asked if we wanted her. I kind of blurted out yes before thinking things through. I went and talked to her actual owner, and she basically had the puppy for about a week, but couldn't take care of her. She was planning on taking her to the pound within the week. So, she was all mine.
I was a bit shocked that someone could give up a puppy that quickly, without even saying goodbye.

So, I brought her home to meet Wicket and Anubis.
Last night was rough, because Wicket is very unsure about her. He's used to being the only dog. He is not liking someone playing with HIS toys. Even though he never plays with them. Outside they played and wrestled, but during bedtime, Wicket had a really hard time sleeping.

She is pretty poorly trained for a pup her age.
She whines at the door when she is alone,
and she's got some red tear stains.
I'm not sure if she had her shots, or anything...
I'm almost certain she has worms,
and she is teething...

But, I have a bit of a problem when people offer animals to me.. Especially when I know they are headed to the pound.

This is me having a little talking to about sharing, getting along and being friends.

I still need to call my landlord and find out if we can keep her.
So, it's not 100% final.

But, she's a huge sweetie. Anubis loves her, Wicket is learning.
For now we are calling her Kneesaa

I'll upload some better pictures when I get the chance.
Not sleeping well gave me a really rough start to the day..

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  1. Sadly when some people want a puppy they think only of the novelty. They don't think of the love and responsibility that comes with being an owner.
    I think Kneesaa was meant to meet you.

  2. Wow!! They are looking too much beautiful. I just love to watch this post.

  3. <3 She's so precious. I hope you can keep her! She may be a little white, pint sized challenge right now, however I am sure the years of love and laughter if you can keep her will be SO worth 'tis.


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