Monday, September 2, 2013

Stars and Secret Messages

Happy Labor Day! 
I've been hard at work... 
(Wink wink)

This weekend was supposed to be a lot more work than it was.
I took quite a bit of naps, and I'm planning my next one.
I'm awfully sleepy today! 
And lately. 

But, I did finish up this huge project! 

I have added 12 hand painted necklaces to the shop
Not all of them are here on the blog, but they are all listed in the shop. 

Each necklace is hand painted with a different space scene.
Both sides of the necklace is varnished, but I wouldn't recommend getting them wet.
On the back side of each necklace is a different secret little message just for the wearer. 
I was going to let the buyer pick them, but decided it would be fun to surprise them. 

And to start off this week and the new line, I've got a sale going on through Friday.
Enter the promo code SALE25 for 25% off! 
This included these new necklaces too! 

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  1. =0) I have that shirt with the black paint splattered heart !!

  2. I love your arts so much. ♥.♥ I'm a huge space lover (I documented all sorts of info as a kid, watched Back To The Future constantly because of time travel, watched the stars often and still do, believe in UFOs, etc.) so when I see your galaxies, I just stare in awe.

  3. I told my boyfriend about the sale as he's been coveting my green pixie hat - he bought himself one last night :)


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