Saturday, August 31, 2013

Galaxies Are Coming!

It's going to be a busy weekend. 

Sterling is filming a video for Gopro today. So, the house is a huge mess with lots of lights everywhere, and the same bit of music is going over and over and over again. But, it's okay cause he will probably get famous from this. 

And I spent almost all night and morning working on some galaxy necklaces for the shop! 

These are hand painted on little wood discs, and they have sweet little messages on the back! I'm wearing one today to remind me to shine bright.. and because the colors also happen to match my hair. 
Yes! I'm back to candy colored hair. And I'm a happy girl. 
A very happy girl.

This Monday, expect 3 things.
All of these necklaces will be available. 
I will be having a 25% off Labor Day Sale.
AND I will soon be offering free Tarot Readings for ONE week! 

I'll give ya details on Monday. 

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  1. glad you are a happy girl. Probably from delirium if you have stayed up all night. Hugs

  2. Yeay for your hair. Finally you decided on color again ;)
    The neclaces are beautiful.

  3. I love your hair! You should so be a guest star on Adventure Time. I've never had my cards read before; maybe I can get in on your free week!


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