Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coming Out On Top

I'm extremely frustrated today. Little Miko pooped in the house this morning and tracked it everywhere, and Wicket peed in the house 4 times yesterday. I'm pretty frustrated that Wicket is marking in the house suddenly, and that the puppy pooped a lot, all while Sterling was in the room and didn't notice to correct him! Oh. I'm so frustrated. I've done so much laundry these last few days.. I couldn't think of a good blog post for today since I'm so mad, so I figured I would share something that happened about a week or so ago.

Last week, Sterling and I set out for a quick shopping adventure. I wanted to run to a few stores and grab an enclosed pet bed for Nubi, and a heated blanket for Wicket. This was before the heater got fixed, and the pets were really unhappy! So we set out thinking we would only spend about $50.00 on this whole ordeal.
We got in the car, started it, and heard some odd noises. Like a scraping and snapping. We kept driving as we noticed parts of the car slowly going out. The lights, the radio, the power steering, the car was slowly dying! It was nuts. We decided to go as far as we could and look for a car shop along the way.
I had been texting my mom at the time about going over to her house for dinner or something. As the car died in the middle of an intersection, I replied, "Well, looks like I won't be going anywhere.. The car just died."
I had no idea how much this would cost to fix. We would have to get it towed, then wait for some bad news, and pay money and wait. The entire day would be ruined!
My mom texted me back with the number of our neighbor who sometimes fixes cars. I hated to bother him, but I gave him a call.
The next thing that happened was awesome.
All of the sudden, my parents showed up, my neighbor showed up and so did his wife. They towed the car back to my old neighborhood growing up, and my parents took me to the auto shop to buy the supplies for the car.
The parts would have only cost us 50.00, but my dad offered to pay. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for that.. since it was right at the beginning of the month when rent was due..

We then went to the old neighborhood where our neighbor was getting ready to fix it. A belt snapped, and he could have it fixed in a short time. I asked how much, and he said not to worry about it. (I still want to bring him cookies!)

Sterling and I went two houses over to my parents house who were planning on going to the Renaissance Fair and asked if we wanted to go along. So, Sterling and I went on an awesome double date with my parents.

We watched jousting, ate kettle corn, looked at booths and actually had a fun day. My dad and Sterling talked about archery. Sterling has always been interested, and so has my dad! So, when we got back, my dad gave Sterling a bow that he had made! It was awesome to see.. and Sterling is pretty excited about it.

That day was incredible, and had such potential to be bad. For the first time in a very long time I was able to hand my problems over to someone else and let someone else help me.

The drive back Sterling and I kept talking about how awesome my parents are for the day they gave us, and the help. We decided we should double date more often.

And as we were close to our original destination hours and hours later, we stopped for the blanket and the bed, and only spent about $50.00 total that day.

I'm beyond grateful for my family and friends lately. It's nice to feel loved and taken care of.

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  1. Aww, your parents sound like really amazing people! I'm glad nothing bad happened to you and Sterling in the middle on the intersection! I'm sure Wicket will stop marking his territory and little Miko will be potty trained in no time! You're really amazing for taking Miko in! I'm sending good vibes your way!


  2. You are a blessed little pixie! What a wonderful surprise!

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    nice pic. I am glad to have a look on this type of pics.


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